• Kitchen Benchtops Adelaide, for Marble, Stone, Granite

  • Kitchen Benchtops Adelaide

    If you're after the best acrylic, stone, marble or laminex benchtops, then you have come to the right place. Ensuring that your kitchen, bathroom or laundry has the highest quality and best looking benchtop is a must have in any modern or older style home. There are a wide and extensive variety of styles and finish\s that there are to choose from and every one compliments every style of room in a different way. If you already have a top that you like, but it has become worn and torn over the years, then a benchtop replacement may be what you are looking for, which is a method of removing the old one and custom fitting a new one. 

  • Stone Kitchen Tops

    Stone benches comes in three main formats, marble, granite and manmade. As house prices rise, we are seeing that people are demanding a higher quality tops for their kitchen benches. This is creating a willingness to spend a fraction more and make a bold statement. Not only does stone have a very primal but elegant feel about it, it is also one of the strongest and most durable materials for any top that you are planning to cut food on, use in your laundry, or any other project you may need. As it is one of the strongest materials, it is incredible sought after and will stand the test of time, sometimes even outlasting the home the it is installed in. Stone has a wide array of advantages over other materials, mainly the strenght, and the fact that the material is almost impossible to scratch. 

  • Granite Benchtops

    Granite is popular because of its high gloss finish, low maintenance, and extremely hard wearing. Most granites are shades of black, but can vary from pink to grey depending on the stone composition. This type of material is one of the most popular, and for good reason. Not only does it add anew sense of style and elegance to your family home, it also greatly increases your homes value, as a well designed kitchen with the right materials has been know to add up to 10% more value to homes. Because of its incredible design and durable surface, it makes it the perfect space for food preparation, ensuring that your food is sliced and diced on the cleanest and smoothest surface possible. 

  • Marble

    Nothing adds class to a bathroom, or kitchen like seeing marble. It is a timeless material that will never date, and always hold value. The best marble is imported, usually from Italy, but for luxury homes it is well worth spending a little extra to make a statement.
    Whilst marble requires regular sealing and maintenance to avoid staining, it is worth following the right procedures to maintain the colour.
    If you are building a classical style home, nothing beats a marble benchtop.

  • Marble and Granite Offcuts

    Whenever a kitchen or bathroom stone top is cut to size, there is invariable some wastage, or offcuts. Sometimes these offcuts are large enough to provide a small stone benchtop for a vanity, or bathroom space. As the original slab of stone has been paid for, usually you can get a great low price and a discounted rate, providing you pay for the cuts of course. This process is a great way to not only  save yourself some $$$ but the unique off cuts can be positioned and fitted to certian areas that larger slabs just woulden't. Call us today and chat with a member of our team about getting some incredible off cuts for your home or business.

  • Man Made Stone

    These are still classified as stone. They are solid, hard, but they are synthetic. They are made through coloured aggregate and concrete, with designer colours and flecks of sparkle often added. The brands include Caesarstone and Essa Stone.
    Designers love these because you can get the luxury of solid stone, but in a variety of custom colours. These are becoming extremely popular because they are slightly cheaper than stone, but give a high quality feel. This is one of the most sought after styles for a food preperation area and will compliment your home no matter how old or how modern it is. It is a style that never goes out of fashion and will continue to look incredible for many years to come. 

  • Acrylic Benchtops

    Acrylic is solid acrylic right the way through. They are heat resistant, scratch resistant and extremely tough and durable. Whilst they are not stone, they are solid right through, unlike the laminate which has chipboard underneath the surface.
    Brands include Starion and DuPont. The price is comparable to that of synthetic stone, and it is aimed at a similar market who wants a specific colour, but desires quality above laminex.

  • Cost of A New Benchtop

    If you're asking yourself, how much does it cost for a new kitchen benchtop, the answer is the price will vary from home to home. Every home has a different sized room and a different sized setup. Obviously the bigger the kitchen, laundry or any other room will affect the price, as well as how big or small your cabinets are. The price will also count into the materials that you decide to use for your finished product. The overall price can be cheap, or it may be expensive, the best way to know is to call and talk with an expert and have them give you a quote before you start. 

  • Which benchtop is right for me?

    With all this information it is easy to get overwhelmed. The three things to consider are
    1) Your budget: Your budget may also be determined by the overall price and location of the home. If the purpose is a rental in an outer suburban area, then it would be wiser to go for a hard wearing lower cost laminex option. Or conversely for your dream home, splurge a little once you've seen our range.
    2) Your style of home: Not just the style but the colour schemes as well. Sometimes choosing the right colour in a cheaper option can look better than spending extra on the wrong style.
    3) View the products: View our range of Adelaide benchtops. We have a huge range of kitchen benchtops, all can be custom made to varying thicknesses to suit your home. Talk to one of our friendly consultants and bring your plans and ideas. We will be happy to help get you the best option for your new home or renovation.

  • Laminate Benchtops

    The most sold style is the laminate kitchen top. This is mainly due to cheap and affordable price, and the fact that most new homes are for investors and first home buyers where there is a focus on saving money. The diverse range of colours and also patterns available, means that laminate or laminex tops can look very classy if the colours are selected well. Choosing the right blend of materials finish and colour can mean all the difference when it comes to having the home and overall living style that you want. 

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