• Landscapers Blakeview

    Welcome to Tim's Total Turfcare. Tim is an expert landscaper with over 20 years experience both working for himself, and with private Golf Courses as a fully qualified Green keeper. As the sole owner and workman in his business, Tim's reputation is very important, and he takes pride in every garden he does landscaping in. Tim Services Blakeview, and the surrounding areas like Munno Para and all northern areas. If you have a development in Blakeview, or a new home, then get in touch about some quality landscaping.
    When you call up Tim's Total Turfcare, you'll speak directly to Tim!

  • Lawn and Turf

    Lawn is Tim's area of expertise. As a greenkeeper on Adelaide's finest private golf courses for more than 20 years, it was Tim's job to ensure every blade of grass was immaculately kept. No matter the amount of rainfall, the season, too much sun or too many weeds, Tim was there to keep these grounds looking stunning.
    Move forward a few years, and Tim's Total Turfcare was brought about. Initially it was a part time venture while green-keeping, however the demand for Tim's expertise grew and he now runs his own full time landscaping business. If Tim can make some of Adelaide's best Golf Courses look stunning, imagine what he can do for your home garden.
    If you have a blank canvas that needs the assistance of a professional landscaper, or you need some new lawn, or simply some garden maintenance, then Tim is your guy. Contact him for friendly advice and a personal approach that will leave you glad you called.

  • Irrigation

    Tim's Total Turfcare specialise in irrigation. There are a wide range of watering systems available. Some are easily installed at a great price and can be very low maintenance with the implementation of simple inexpensive timers. The subterranean irrigation is best for water conservation, but there are a whole range of systems. Get in touch via the click to call buttons on your phone and discuss the best option for your garden.

  • Artificial Turf

    Artificial Turf is becoming more popular due to its low maintenance and increasing affordability. Over the last decade we have seen more people embrace artificial lawn as the styles become more realistic and the price more affordable. Tim's Total Turfcare are specialists in installing and maintaining all forms of lawn, including synthetic.