• Acupuncture in Kurralta Park

  • Acupuncture Kurralta Park 

    Bring your body back to its most natural state, with natural remedies. At Essential Wellbeing, we use traditional Chinese medicine such as acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutritional therapies to combat (and prevent) disease. Aaron Slape leads the clinic with over 16 years of experience in holistic health. A lot of the time we simply don’t know enough about our own bodies, so Aaron works with his clients to help them understand what’s going on inside. Creating a tailored natural health plan, he transforms his clients’ bodies. If you’re struggling with any sort of pain, stress or disease, try the natural approach. We’re close to Kurralta Park SA 5037, at 131A Glengyle Terrace Plympton. We’re open every day, but Tuesday and Sunday. Call 8352 3100 or 0411 749 917 to book in an appointment. 

  • Laser acupuncture

    First of all, don’t be scared. Laser acupuncture doesn’t hurt. It’s a great treatment in which a low-energy laser beams produce currents at acupuncture points. Laser therapy is commonly used to treat painful conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, knee arthritis, and chronic pain in children. 

  • About Essential Wellbeing

    Come and see us if you’re looking for natural strategies to aid:

    • Fertility & IVF
    • Cancer (oncology)
    • Depression & anxiety
    • Stress & mood disorders
    • Hormonal imbalances
    • Thyroid problems
    • Insomnia
    • Weight loss
    • Musculoskeletal pain
    • Digestive problems.

    At Essential Wellbeing, we’re all about self-empowerment. We help you realise that you do have power and control of your body. It’s about understanding how one’s disease process started, so you can intervene and adapt your lifestyle accordingly.

    Aaron is a natural therapist and acupuncturist, with an Advanced Diploma in Health Science. He’s been an accredited member of the AACMA since 1999, as well as the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia (0001715166).

  • Prevent cancer

    We use traditional Chinese medicine to help prevent cancer, as well as more than 300 other diseases. This form of medicine focuses on prevention. As our energetic changes occur in our body and mind, if left untreated over time, can lead to actual tissues changes and serious disease. Acupuncture is a great method to fight cancer by helping to minimise pain, and manages the side effects such as vomiting, poor appetite, weight loss, and depression. It also increases white blood cell count and boost immune and lymphocyte cell activity.

    Take care of your body, naturally. Book in an appointment with us today.