• Instant Lawn Adelaide

    Our team are the experts in instant lawn Adelaide. We have access to all the major varieties of roll out lawn like kikuyu, couch and buffalo grass. If you are after all your lawn accessories, like irrigation, fertilisers and soil then we can help too. Not only can you order your instant turf through us, but if you like we can supply and install the whole job for you. Our expert landscapers can base prepare, and roll out grass on your front or backyard. We are the Adelaide instant lawn experts.

  • Instant Turf in Adelaide

    What is instant turf? It is a fantastic method for making your home or office look great, without the huge upkeep. It is commercially grown lawn, cut into strips and rolled up ready for transplanting. If you are after this type of service that will keep your lawn looking new and green all year round, then our supply store has a number of the most popular varieties on order at any given time. Contact us to discuss seasonal prices on all of the varieties like kikuyu, couch and buffalo.

  • Supply and installation of Instant Turf

    Not only can we supply and deliver instant lawn, but we also install roll out grass for your landscaping project. For a very reasonable price of around $40 a metre depending on the variety and base preparation, we can come to you and install roll out lawn. Depending on your budget, we can also install underground sprinklers and irrigation systems. We can also do drip irrigation systems and pop up sprinklers. We always recommend the water saving devices, and the sub-terranian irrigation is the best for freshly laid instant turf Adelaide.
    Our base preparation involves excavation and removal of excess soil. Then importing a good quality organic sandy loam. This allows the freshly rolled out lawn the nutrients it needs to grow, while also retaining moisture. It is also the best soil to allow grass root penetration to give your new lawn a healthy start.

  • What are the instant lawn varieties?

    There are a number of different grass varieties popular in South Australia and across Adelaide. Adelaide is known for being a dry city. In fact South Australia is the driest state in the driest continent on earth. So when you choose an instant lawn variety, please bear in mind either a water friendly strain, or some irrigation. Failure to consider this can result in your roll out lawn failing to grow roots, and slowly perishing. Having said that, below are a list of the types of grasses and their properties.
    Buffalo Lawn - There are different varieties of buffalo grass, but speaking generally, buffalo can grow well in shady places. It still will require some sunlight, so if you have an area that is in shade 24 hours a day, it is very unlikely any grass will survive, let alone buffalo grass. One of the advantages of buffalo is that the runners grow on top of the soil. Unlike kikuyu which can sometimes get a bad reputation for runners tunneling into unwanted places, you won't find this issue with buffalo.
    Couch Grass - Couch lawn also comes in several varieties, such as Santa Ana couch and nullarbor couch. Couch grass is fine leafed and grows much flatter. It has a softer, finer appearance than a lot of the other larger blade grasses. If well kept, couch looks visually appealing. Most couch grasses require full sunlight.
    Kikuyu - Kikuyu lawn is fast growing, hardy and tough wearing. It is used on the outfields of most school ovals and sporting fields. It requires sunlight and minimal watering. It is very low maintenance, but does send out runners that tunnel underground. If you are trying to create bordered garden beds, then kikuyu will find its way in there.

  • Roll out grass Adelaide

    Roll out grass is simply slang for instant turf. Due to the appearance of the lawn when it is cut at the farms and rolled up for transport, it exhibits a rolled up look. Many rolls can experience a slight discolouration or dryness, so it is best to order your instant grass on the day you are going to actually install it. Most lawn varieties are extremely resiliant, and with the right care, watering and fertiliser, they will come back in a very short amount of time. Contact our Adelaide instant Turf centre for advice and purchasing of all different varieties. We offer fetilisers, soil, irrigation, after sales care and installation. If you are looking for a knowledgeable and trusted ones stop shop. then we are the team to visit.

  • Turf Prices Adelaide

    Instant lawn prices can vary based on the season, the availability and also weather conditions. When weather conditions have been poor, demand can outstrip supply causing minor price increases, however it also work in reverse when there is low demand. Generally speaking though lawns can range anywhere from as little as $6 a square metre, through to $20 a square metre in rare cases.
    Kikuyu is usually the best value, followed by couch grass. But again, there are slight seasonal changes. The buffalo grasses are slightly more expensive per square metre, depending on the amount ordered and the variety

  • Kikuyu grass Adelaide

    One of the biggest sellers is kikuyu grass Adelaide. Kikuyu is fast growing, very hardy, and apart from regular mowing, requires very little care. It grows best in full sunlight and good soil, and responds very well to water and fertiliser. The benefits are that is it well priced and tough to kill. Property developers, and households with large yards love this variety. As do schools and sports ovals.
    One of the main drawbacks is the aggressive nature of the underground root systems. kikuyu sends out long underground runners that are far reaching, and often emerge in unwanted areas of the garden. Therefore if you have a small yard and many garden beds, this may not be the variety for you, however if you have a large open space then we recommend instant kikuyu lawn.

  • Roll out Lawn

    So now that you know about the many and varied roll out lawn varieties we have on offer, contact us on the number provided to place an order, or come down and visit us in Adelaide. Our friendly team will be happy to discuss your yard's unique requirements, soil conditions and what type of lawn will be best. Don't forget we also do irrigation and supply and install instant turf Adelaide.

  • Instant Lawn Adelaide Price

    If you are looking at having a new amazing looking artifical lawn installed at your home or office, then we have the service for you. Before you get started though, you may want to know what the average price for this service will be. It will greatly depend on the size of the yard that you want to cover, and what style of lawn you end up choosing. Naturally a larger space is going to cost more to cover, whereas a smaller, inner city back or front yard will cost much cheaper. If you would like to know an exact amount, call us today and we will be able to offer you a free quote before you get started. 

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