• Carpet Cleaners near Plympton

  • Plympton is a diverse suburb. And diverse suburbs need dynamic cleaning solutions. We’re the ones Plymptonites can trust for all of their cleaning needs. We specialize in commercial and residential cleaning solutions ranging from carpet and upholstery cleans, cleaning for comprehensive End of Lease inspections, tiles and grout, and more. We’ve been in the business for 20 years, learning each day how to refine our craft and satisfy our customers. Our results are fantastic. Our cleaners are dynamic. And our machinery is almost magic with its ability from a pain of a stain, unto something clean and supreme. So why not give us a call for a FREE quote? Don’t look anywhere else if you’re looking for cleaning solutions in Plympton. Adelaide Dynamic Cleaning Services will give you an amazing service. 


    An unhygienic floor is an unhealthy carpet for you, your coworkers and your family. Even a carpet that appears clean could be harboring mould, grime and dangerous bacteria. There’s only one way to safeguard the health and air quality of your property and that is by having your floor steam cleaned with us. We’re Plympton’s best cleaning option, so it stands to reason that we are also the Plympton’s best carpet cleaners as well. Our cleaners will rid your carpet of the unsightly stains you can see, and the nasty bacteria you can’t. When we’re finished with your carpets, you’ll know that you have been given the deepest, most thorough carpet cleaning service available! 


    Do you need to spruce the place up for an End of Lease inspection? Then you really need to call us! We have a lot of experience cleaning properties for inspection. We know exactly what your land lord or agent wants to see, and we will go above and beyond to impress. We will scrub, steam clean and polish your entire property, inside and outside, leaving you in a great position to renew your lease or receive your full bond back. There isn’t a cleaning service we won’t provide, so you can open to the door to your landlord with pride.


    When was the last time you had your lounge chair professionally cleaned? If the answer is never, then you’d probably better get it done by us. We recommend you have your upholsteries cleaned with every second carpet clean to ensure the health and hygiene of your home or property. Your upholsteries can build up a lot of dirt and bacteria which can affect the quality of the air and prove hazardous, especially to those with respiratory issues. That bacterium can also erode the foundations of your chair, taking years off of its lifespan. For the health of those close to you, and the longevity of your upholsteries, call us to have your upholsteries steam cleaned today. 


    We realize the importance of having a clean, sanitary mattress to sleep in. So that is why we pride ourselves on our mattress cleaning services. Don’t allow sweat, dead skin and dust mites to accumulate on your bed, let us clean and sanitize your mattress to guarantee you peace of mind.


    Bring the best out of your tiling with us. We know that traditional cleaning methods just don’t work with tiles and grout. Mopping and scrubbing can make matters worse by soaking stains deeper into the grout, and causing build up to form on your tiles. We will clean your tiles with the best machinery, seal your grout, and leave your tiling invulnerable to stains in the future. We’re Plympton’s experts in types of tiles. We’re sure to make yours as good as new once more!