• Electricians in Happy Valley

  • Affordable & Quality Electrician

    When it comes to your electricity, it’s not worth cutting corners. Don’t trust just anyone with your power needs. No more trial and error. Get an electrician you can rely on, every day – not just in an emergency. We’re reliable. We get to you when we say we’re going to. Plus, we’ll save you money – both in the short and long term. Call us for a free quote today, for any electrical tasks you need help with. 

    About Us

    Our team of guys will cater to your individual needs. We don’t just fix your problems, but we make your life easiertoo. No waiting around for out-dated appliances to start. No jumping in the shower every 10 minutes just to stay cool. We’re here for you, to help you live a more comfortable life at home. This is why our clients have repeatedly rated us the best for electrical services – and customer service. We don’t just assist you, we care of you. And this makes all the difference.

    Still not sure? This might help change your mind 

    • Free on-site quote, within hours
    • Warranties on our products
    • LED Lighting installations
    • Fully equipped vans – we come to you
    • Ongoing service, long after we’ve left. 

    Security and CCTV camera installation

    Your business, like your home, needs protecting. And what better way to do this than with a security and CCTV camera system installed. This means, you can have eyes on your business, at all times… even when you’re not there. We know you can’t be in all places at once, so a CCTV camera will keep your business safe. Not only will you be able to easily monitor who goes in and out of your building as well as when. And after hours you can keep tabs on people and vehicles around your premises. We can organise the installation, maintenance and repair of your security and CCTV camera system – so let us take care of it all, even if you’re already got a system in place.

    Motion sensor lighting

    Always scared opening your quarterly power bill? Have you thought about motion sensor lighting? It’s a great way to reduce your energy bill, increase security and is easy to use. Motion sensor lighting lets you monitor the amount of electricity you’re using – displaying it at a cost per hour. So, not more sweating every time you see a power bill. You know exactly what’s coming your way. Talk about shifting the power