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  • Panini Brothers Bakery

    Forever searching for that delicious bakery food? Good bakeries are hard to come by. The kind of bakery that you’d drive far to experience their food again. But luckily enough, one of the best bakeries is close by you – Panini Brothers. We’re not far from Highbury, so you can take a quick drive and you’re here, at 2/4 Jan Street Newton, within a few minutes.

    Savoury and sweet food, with an Italian twist

    What comes to mind when you think of Italy? Venice? The colosseum? If you’re anything like us, it’s food. Their pastas, pizzas, breads, desserts…

    Food brings families together, especially in Italy. And dessert is a major part of an Italian family’s day. It marks a special occasion. And at Panini Brothers, we bring this tradition to you – to your home in Highbury.

    About Panini Brothers

    While we love the classic Farmers Union Iced Coffee, at Panini Brothers we believe the bakery experience should be more than a quick feed. Our customers can enjoy Italian-style breads, pastries, cakes and other sweet and savoury treats, over a coffee with friends. Or if you’ve got somewhere to be, takeaway is also available. We make great bakery food accessible – in whatever manner you wish to enjoy it.

    We’ve been baking up great treats and developing new tantalising tastes to bring to you, our valued customer. We’re always looking to hear what you think of our food, so please don’t hesitate to chat to us while you’re waiting for your next coffee.

    Authentic Italian cakes, for your special occasion

    Cakes, cookies, pastries, breads, pizzas… hungry yet? Well, why not celebrate your next special event with an Italian-style cake. It will be the part of the year, and you certainly won’t have any leftovers.

    When it comes to creating desserts, you’re in good hands with our talented bakers. Each cake decorated with elegance and originality, the Panini Brothers name is known for the finest Italian treats in town.

    And maybe you’re looking for some bite-size pastries to keep your guests happy until the main course? We have a wide range of pastries that we can cook up, fresh.

    We also have extensive experience catering for lunch events – specifically for corporate events, such as Christmas celebrations. If your company is looking to celebrate a recent win, be sure to contact us at Panini Brothers. We’ll organise a custom lunch package, so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the authentic tastes of Italy.