• Mobile Cool Room Hire in Adelaide Hills

  • Mobile Cool Room Hire Adelaide Hills

    Adelaide Big Fridge promises cold food storage and hot customer service. Satisfaction guaranteed. Our family owned and run business, has one of the largest fleets of mobile cool rooms serving the whole Adelaide Hills area. Because we know the Hills area so well, we are champions at getting mobile cool rooms and mobile freezers into tight spaces, difficult to reach locations, and awkward outdoor spots. Our customers come first at all times that is why we do same day deliveries 7 days a week. No job is too big, too far, or too difficult for us. 

    If you are looking for the best portable cool room supplier near you, then call us today and speak with our amazing team about what you need, and we will be able to find the best solution for you. 

  • Cool Rooms, Mobile Fridges and Freezers

    We offer a range of mobile cool rooms in six different sizes: 6x4, 8x5, 10x5, 10x6, 9x5, 8x6 feet, and mobile freezers in four different sizes: 9x5, 10x6, 8x6, and 8x5. For added convenience and smaller spaces, we also have a variety of chest freezers in different sizes. We ensure that all our products are tested and tagged before delivery. All our mobile cool and freezer rooms are equipped with fold out steps, internal lights, rear door entrance, power leads and locks, and operate with 10amp as well as normal power.  

  • Mobile Cool Room Hire

    Whether you are planning a school sports day or a music festival, we understand that location catering can be a stressful business, with lots of uncontrollable elements, like weather conditions and customer needs. We work hard to keep you (and your food) cool. Contact us for the best service, most reliable deliveries, top notch, state of the art, modern mobile cooler and freezer units, and an all-over great experience.   And when your best-laid plans go awry, and your existing fridge, freezer or cooler room goes on the blink, we will provide a standby unit in record time anywhere in the Adelaide Hills.

    Call Adelaide Big Fridge today. We deliver on time, on budget, and anywhere you need us. We offer long term rates and special seasonal deals. 

  • What Type's Of Events and Celebrations Do You Deliver To?

    When it comes to supplying our customers with the right product for their service, we ensure that we will be able to help you with what ever your needs are. We supply our rooms to a large variety of festivals such as The Fringe Festival, Bathurst and large church festivals as well as school functions, weddings, birthdays and so on.

  • How Much Will A Cool Room Cost

    If you are needing to know an exact price when it comes to our services, you should know that the initial cost will depend on the size of the mobile room and the duration in which you need to have it for. You can call us at any time and we will be able to let you know an exact price based upon your needs. One thing that we do guarantee is the most competitive price that will save you $$$ mixed with the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.