• Fire Services in Glenelg

  • Is your Glenelg home or business properly protected from fire? Port Adelaide Fire Control (PAFC) have been helping South Australians prevent fires with a complete fire protection service. They have more than 20 years’ experience in this industry. They comply with Australian Standards and Work Place Safety. Their team of highly trained technicians have National Police Clearances and carry $20 million Public and Products Liability Insurance. Safe guarding life and property is their central mission. Unexpected fire can be devastating; it appears suddenly and can soon be out of control and beyond anything but the fire brigade; but by then it is usually too late. Catching it early and controlling it then, is the only way to avoid potential tragedy. PAFC can equip your workplace or site with fire protection equipment to meet a variety of fires. Call 0413 888 784 to make an appointment or please fill out the Direct Contact Form.

  • Workplace or Site Audits

    Port Adelaide Fire Control can audit your workplace or site to ascertain the fire risks inherent within your particular set up and operation. Their professional technicians can assess the types of fire risks and the best fire protection equipment to meet that risk. PAFC will determine the exact locations of extinguishers to best serve your workplace or site. Visibility, accessibility and vigilant maintenance are the keys to fire protection.

  • Products & Services

    PAFC distributes an array of fire extinguishers suitable for different types of fires. Your Glenelg workplace or site may be more vulnerable to particular types of fire, which are fuelled by the specific materials common to your operation or home. PAFC carry Foam Extinguishers, Dry Powder Extinguishers, Water Extinguishers, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Extinguishers, and Wet Chemical Extinguishers - available in a range of sizes. A fire can be fuelled by burning paper, textiles, wood, some plastics, rubber, combustible gases, flammable liquids and electrically charged equipment and machinery. PAFC’s various extinguishers are effective upon each different kind of fire. This is why, their audit of your workplace or site is so important, as it will specify the type, size and location of your fire extinguishers. PAFC, in addition, carry Fire Blankets, Fire Hose Reels, Cabinets, Hose Reel Nozzles, Bags, Signs, Hydrant Caps and Gauges. Special Offer - 1kg extinguisher and fire blanket 1m x 1m for just $35 plus GST.

  • Maintenance Service

    Proper maintenance and regular inspections of your fire protection equipment are the only means by which you can know that your workplace or home is thoroughly prepared for the advent of unexpected fire. Port Adelaide Fire Control will inspect and maintain your fire control equipment to the highest standards at a competitive price.