• Solar in Morphett Vale

  • Solar Morphett Vale

    Greener Housing Solutions are supreme suppliers and installers of solar energy systems, solar panels and battery backups to complement your solar system. We are passionate about the many and varied advantages of a solar energy system and seek the opportunity, from our valuable clientele in Morphett Vale, to share our knowledge and expertise. With more than 10 years in the industry, Greener Housing Solutions is highly regarded in the burgeoning solar energy market. It has been the last 10 years in which sources of energy from solar energy systems have become more mainstream. In that time, we have fitted countless systems to many home and businesses and have refined our installation of these systems so that each subsequent customer further benefits from a practical point of view. We invite you to make your appointment today and start benefiting from our extensive solar energy system experience.

  • Solar Energy Systems

    Solar energy is a renewable energy resource that uses photovoltaic (PV) systems to create electricity. These photovoltaic cells are positioned within the solar panels that are fitted to your rooftop or building design and generate a flow of electricity from the light rays of the sun to power your home or office, reducing your bills and your impact on the environment. The more panels that are fitted results in more energy being generated. Solar energy systems are currently installed in approximately 1 in 100 houses and it is our objective to increase this number so that more families and homes can testify to having less to pay in outgoings to their utility companies, thus having more money in their pockets.

  • Greener Housing Solutions Services

    In addition to our specialist knowledge and expertise in installing solar energy systems, our interest in green solutions extends to the supply and installation of ‘ecoflo’ heating and cooling systems, premium poly rainwater tanks and LED lighting as well as attending to general electrical jobs. Our mastery of solar energy systems incorporates a complimentary consultation and free quote to inpsect your home or business to design a unique solar energy system relating specifically to factors such as your building size, lifestyle and energy requirements. Once installed and running effectively, it may be necessary at some point to add to your system or upgrade your system to allow for changes in your requirements, ageing components, new technology and the like. We can cater to this and more. We are fully equipped to install a battery backup system which can provide free electricity at night, provide backup during a grid failure and potentially eliminate your electricity bill by using the feed in tariff where you redirect excess energy back in to the grid and may then receive return over and above your own usage. Our solar energy system services include routine maintenance and repairs as well as panel cleaning. A more technologically advanced system is currently available in the form of Micro Inverter systems. We are able to provide full details of this system and supply as required. 

    We believe our service is unrivalled, our product knowledge is second to none, our delivery and follow up is without equal and our pricing schedule provides great value for money. We are able to offer a repayment plan with an interest free option of 36 months, if required. We look forward to your enquiries and await your call to Greener Housing Solutions, Morphett Vale today.