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    Ready to renovate? Do you live in Hahndorf? We’ve been helping residents in Hahndorf to update their old or small bathroom – turning it into something they can be proud of. We provide the most efficient techniques, so each of our bathroom renovations is completed promptly, without compromise to quality or workmanship. This means the savings come to you, our customer. And we use the highest-grade materials, that last.

    Bathrooms… a place for relaxation

    Bathrooms are one of the most loved, and used, rooms in the house. Think about it. We relax in baths. Enjoy a nice warm shower, after a long you’re your bathroom should give you fresh and calm feelings – and renovating your old or a little too loved bathroom is a great way to do this.

    About Us

    We’ve been remodelling and renovating bathrooms for years. Whether it’s creating a designer bathroom, modifying an old one, or and renovating an ensuite, our customers choose us for our specialist knowledge and personal approach.

    Our company is built on three pillars: prompt, friendly and reliable. All of our tradespeople are bathroom specialists – arriving on time, working autonomously, and leave without leaving a mess.

    If you’ve got an idea for your bathroom renovation, share your ideas with us. From there, we can add our expert knowledge to create a bathroom that not only you’ll be happy with – but one that works for you. 

    Our services

    Want that WOW factor? We can help you get it… every time you walk into your bathroom. Here’s how we can help create your brand new bathroom.

    • Fixed price quotes

    We provide a clear, fixed price quote, which outlines each step of the bathroom renovation. This means you have a clear understanding of the scope of works

    • Project management

    From start to finish, we project manage your bathroom renovation, with care and constant communication.

    • Protecting your home

    We respect your home like it was our own. We make sure all of your floors are covered and the rest of your house is protected as we’re working. You don’t need to worry about things like rubbish, dust, and damage.

    • Reliability and punctuality

    We’ll be at your home when we say we will be… it’s that simple.

    • Quality fixtures and fittings

    We only use the very best products, from well-known, reliable brands

    • Warranties and insurance

    We are covered by insurance and our work comes with a warranty. Talk to us about what you’re covered for.

    Need an electrician for your home? Give us a call and we can chat about what you need help with. All enquiries welcome!