• Pre Purchase Inspections in Morphett Vale

  • If you’re in the market for a new home or property investment, then Building & Pest Inspectors is the company to get you on the right track. We offer the best comprehensive pre purchase and pest inspection service in Morphett Vale 5162. We use the latest technologies and good old fashioned no how to provide you with the most professional service and detailed reports that can help you make a justified decision on your future property investment

    With over 25 years experience, we are a company that cannot be beaten by any one else. Call us today on 0401 943 974 to make a start on finding your dream home or building. 

  • Pre Purchase and building Inspections

    If you have a dream of owning a new home or property, or selling on you already own, you’re not alone. But many people jump straight in without even knowing the condition of the property. You need to know what you’re getting and what condition it is in to know exactly how much it is worth and the cost or repairs if any need to be completed. This can save you enormous amounts of money and time in making your overall decision.

    Our inspectors will asses and accurately source any types of damage that may be present in the building. They will look for things such as structural damage, floor and roof damage, leaking plumbing and even electrical damage. They will use the best possible equipment to asses every aspect of the property or building accurately and professionally. Once the inspection process is completed you will be given a detailed and easy to read report after the inspection takes place. This will help you understand the condition of the property and can even help you negotiate a better buying or selling price.

    If you choose to have a building, pre purchase inspection at the same time as a pest inspection, we can offer you $100 off the overall price. You will also receive you report on the same day as the inspection takes place. We make it our upmost desire for you to be able to make the right decision in the quickest time possible. 

  • Termite and Pest Inspections

    Just think of it, you find a property you love, you buy it, and a few years down the road, certain parts of the property start to deteriorate and fall apart because of termites. This is a situation no on wants to be in. Our termite and pest inspection is carried out to locate the presence of woo destroying insects like termites and borers.

    We thoroughly look for evidence of damage and pinpoint the location of pests using an advance x-ray machine called the Termartrac T3i. A termite and pest inspection can educate potential buyers about the presence of pests in the homes of properties they are looking to buy and gives you a starting point for making a decisive decision on what to do next.   

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service

    If you need to talk to the person who originally inspected your home or property, we offer a 24/7 emergency service line. You will be linked to the inspector who can answer any questions or troubles that you may be encountering. If you have any damage that has been caused to your property, the inspector will promptly supply you with a professional trade’s person to come to your property and have the problem resolved within the shortest time frame possible. The best part about this service is it is completely FREE for the first 12 months after having any full priced building and pest inspection.