• Life Insurance in Semaphore

  • Infinit Wealth

    Thinking about life insurance and live in Semaphore? Mandy Lam at Infinit Wealth is your local broker, and would like to help you secure the very best policy for your individual requirements. Advice from Adelaide’s premier financial planners can make a world of difference to your outcome. Life insurance is not a one size fits all situation, it needs to be custom fitted for your unique set of circumstances. Infinit Wealth have helped hundreds of South Australians achieve financial freedom through sound financial planning. The decision to take out life insurance is predicated on caring for others. You want to secure the maximum benefit for your family and loved ones.

    Attention to Detail Matters

    When signing an insurance policy, it is all about attention to detail. Every technical term and condition needs to be understood before agreeing to that contract. The experts at Infinit Wealth can make sure that you are on top of it all, including the fine print. Death indemnity coverage should be rock solid to give you and your family that peace of mind. Providing for your dependents, no matter what happens, is a powerful intention to create. Your family in Semaphore will be taken care of, even, in the worst case scenario of your passing.

    Preparedness via Personal Insurance

    Preparing for your future involves more than wishful thinking, it is all about taking care of business. Personal insurance offers you a safety net for those dark times. Income protection via salary continuance coverage provides a regular stipend, even, when you cannot work due to injury or illness. Infinit Wealth can advise you on the right income protection insurance for your individual requirements.

    What about if you get really sick and/or need an operation? Trauma and illness insurance provides you with a lump sum to meet your medical expenses and rehabilitation costs. Looking ahead, you don’t like to focus on the negative, but smart financial planning considers all eventualities. Cancers, heart attack and stroke are all serious conditions, which can impact on your ability to provide for yourself and others. Infinit Wealth can help you design the right policy for your unique situation.

    Financial Freedom

    We all want financial freedom in our lives and sound financial planning can help deliver that reality. Infinit Wealth specialise in retirement planning, wealth creation, superannuation, refinancing mortgages, investment planning, home loans, debt consolidation, motor vehicle finance and general insurance. Talk to Mandy Lam and her team about securing your financial future today. They offer the most up to date information about the financial products available in the marketplace. Expertise can ease your mind where money matters most.