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  • AA Mobile Mechanic

    AA Mobile Mechanic will diagnose your car problems free of charge. The locally owned and operated workshop will supply a written quote for any repairs needed and, most of the time, will provide same day service. Call AA Mobile Mechanic, conveniently located at Richmond (5033), near Hilton today by using the ‘click to call’ option or filling in the contact form now.

  • Best quality mechanic

    If you want honest, genuine advice, you can’t drive past AA Mobile Mechanic. If you want cheap car parts, AA have access to a range of difficult to source parts and can save you money on all sorts of automotive spares. Speak to Marque and he will tell you how competitive AA can be for spare parts for your car.

    If you’re looking at modifying your car, the team of qualified and experienced mechanics at Viva will give you expert advice on a wide range of performance parts and accessories.

    Having merged with Mildren Automotive, not only does AA now have access to Amsoil, but Greg has got expertise in working on Mazda rotary engines. So bring in your Mazda MX5 to have it purring like new again.

    For brake and clutch repairs, to replacing wipers and spark plugs, AA will have you hitting the road again in no time.

  • Car & Vehicle Tune Up

    For a good tune up, give AA Mobile Mechanic a call, or drop in to the workshop, conveniently located near Hilton, on Richmond Road, Richmond (5033).

    The team of mechanics will check and replace spark plugs and leads, coils and ignition modules. They’ll replace the air and fuel filters and scan the computer for faults.

    You’ll know your classic car is in great condition with AA. They can access a range of parts and products, and make sure your classic car is cool from the condensers to the carburetor.

  • Servicing and Detailing

    If your car needs a service, you can count on AA. They will perform a minor service and safety check with a full written report, or a full logbook service using manufacturer approved parts and products to protect your warranty.

    Book in for detailing of your car. Either the Gold or Platinum service will have your car looking as good as new. AA Mobile Mechanic will clean the interior, exterior, undercarriage, mirrors, windows and boot. The tyres and brakes will be cleaned, the car waxed and the engine degreased. Call AA today and book your car in for the full treatment.