• Plumbers in Tranmere

  • Tranmere is one of Adelaide’s most loved suburbs. Tucked in between the hills and the city, close to nature, and close to major shopping areas and good schools, it is the ideal family friendly suburb. Busy households and full schedules don’t leave much time for maintenance problems, that’s why ABA Plumbing & Gas are right here on your doorstep. We are a local, owner-operated emergency maintenance business, who pride ourselves in providing fast, professional 24 hour emergency maintenance services to time-poor households. Offering NO CALL OUT FEE, great rates and the best customer service that is second to none.

  • Hot Water

    Work, commute, shopping, kids, dinner. What a day!  All you want to do now is relax and soak in a hot bath. A broken hot water system is the last thing you need at this time of night! But don’t despair, with ABA Plumbing & Gas’s expert local repair team, your relaxing hot bath is only a phone call away. We fix and repair all water systems – gas, electric and solar – and we only use well-known reliable brands like Vulcan, Rheem, and Bosch. With our expert service and advice we will make sure you don’t come home to a cold bath again

  • Leaking Taps

    A leaking garden tap, kitchen sink mixer, laundry connection, or shower head can cause all sorts of problems and frustrations. Put a stop to it immediately by calling our expert maintenance team. One of our vans will be with you in a blink, ready to fix the leak in no time. All our technicians carry a range of replacement parts and stock to fix the problem first time. Our experts don’t just put an end to unnecessary wasting and cost, but to unnecessary waiting for parts as well.

  • Burst Pipes

    A fountain in your garden is a great water feature, but not when it comes from a burst or damaged water pipe. To minimise the damage and stop future harm to your property, call our emergency number and we will have the problem soled in no time. An expert plumber will advise you on immediate action and have a technician at your home in a hurry. Our technicians specialise in providing permanent solutions to problems to ensure the same problem will not recur in future. This s the cheapest option and one of the quickest, as having the entire tap replaced can cost more $$$ than to just have it maintained. 

  • Blocked Drains

    Foreign objects in the toilet? With children (and clumsy adults) around most homes, that’s not such an uncommon problem! But don’t despair, it might be all wet, but not all lost. By calling our emergency number and speaking to one of our knowledgeable technicians, we will get you sorted and your drain flowing in no time at all. Our service vans are on the road 24/7 to assist with unplanned mishaps like this at any time.

    Call us now. Our 24/7 emergency number will put you in touch with a plumber, not a call centre. We can advise and assist you on the phone, while an emergency maintenance crew is on the way. We have experts on duty at all hours to attend to your needs and fix your maintenance emergencies in no time. We offer professional experience, quality workmanship and products, and availability at all hours – with no call-out fee. Don’t delay.

  • How much will a plumber cost

    Our services will always come down to the job in question, how big the job will be and how many resources will be used. We will assure you that we offer our customers the cheapest prices when it comes to these types of services, and not only will we provide a fantastic price, we will also offer fantastic service to match.