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    If you are considering life insurance and you live or work in Parkside, SA remember the name Infinit Wealth. Mandy Lam and her team of financial advisors are Adelaide’s premier financial planning organisation. Having helped hundreds of South Australians to achieve their goals, they have that winning combination of expertise and experience. Life insurance is all about helping others and being prepared for every eventuality. Insuring that your family and loved ones are well looked after into the future is its sole purpose. Not all life insurance policies are alike and getting the right one for your particular needs is important. Infinit Wealth can provide a guiding hand to help you achieve the very best outcome for your family.

    Death Indemnity Coverage

    Nobody likes to dwell on their own demise, but the truly responsible don’t shy away from that consideration. Preparedness means planning for all eventualities, and ensuring that your dependents are well maintained, even, in the advent of your passing. Life insurance is the smart choice for those that really care. Infinit Wealth can advise you on all the technicalities, terms and conditions that make up your life insurance policy in Parkside. Understanding all the details and their ramifications is vital when signing off on your death indemnity coverage contract.

    Personal Insurance Makes Sense

    In an uncertain world with so much change happening all around us, insuring your future makes a lot of financial sense. Personal insurance offers a number of choices that can secure your income and ability to meet unexpected expenses. Income protection through salary continuance coverage means that you and your family have that peace of mind. If you are unable to work due to illness or injury, you will still have an income stream to take care of your family and loved ones. Talk to Infinit Wealth about securing your future with income protection in Parkside.

    Trauma & Illness Insurance

    You can insure yourself against getting really sick and/or having to have a serious medical operation. Trauma and illness insurance provides a lump sum to help you meet the expenses of medical care and rehabilitation. This policy can be employed to deal with cancers, stroke and heart attack; ensuring that your family can cope financially through these difficult times.

    Financial Advice in Parkside

    For comprehensive financial advice on retirement planning, superannuation, investment planning, home loans, refinancing the family home, debt consolidation and general insurance, Infinit Wealth can point you in the right direction to maximise your financial freedom. Planning for the future, now, can make a world of difference to your tomorrow. 

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