• Air Conditioning in Salisbury

  • We are an air conditioning institution in Salisbury, but they do so much more than looking after your temperature control. They advise, do free inspections, install, maintain and repair. we are a team of qualified and fully licenced technicians are reliable, friendly, timely, and give the best service at the best price.

  • Evaporative Cooling

    This an economical and eco-friendly way to cool your home or workplace. It is ideal for those who loves to keep their windows and doors open. As it draws in fresh air and pushes out hot air, you never have to breathe in stale, recycled air. Salisbury’s low humidity makes this an ideal option for your home.

    Split systems

    This is the ideal system to install in older or existing buildings as there is no need for ducts or elaborate systems. It is easy to install, maintain and operate. Split systems are ideal for offices, apartments and homes where every room’s temperature needs to be separately controlled.

  • Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning

    This system is best installed during construction but can be added to existing buildings where there is enough ceiling space for ducts. This is a centrally controlled air conditioning which can supply both cool and warm air. It is ideal for new homes and open work spaces. It is easy to control and hassle free.

    Gas wall heaters

    With gas heaters, safety is of the utmost importance at all times. With wall mounted gas heaters there are no indoor emissions and a professionally installed ventilation system which makes it safe and convenient to use. With the added bonus of being both stylish and economical to run, this is the ideal system for a living area.

  • Hot water systems

    we install, maintain and repair all types of hot water systems. Whether you prefer gas, solar or electric, or whether you prefer continuous flow or a storage tank, they can supply the system that best suits your needs, space and budget.

    Refrigeration units

    For cool rooms, freezer rooms, wine cellars and ice box freezers, they supply, install and maintain both drop-in and slide-in units. Gavin and his team are also fully qualified to look after your upright or counter style refrigeration unit and mobile freezer units.

    For the best heating and cooling service in Salisbury and surrounding suburbs, give us a call. They offer 24/7 emergency service and a free inspection and quote.