• Bathroom Renovations in Brighton, South Australia

    Considering a new bathroom for your Brighton home or business? We are the renovation experts in the coastal suburbs of Adelaide. With a number of charming older style houses in the area; the smart move is to renovate the old outdated bathrooms to improve property resale values. Enjoy a beautiful and technologically superior design in your home. We are not only plumbers; they are members of the Master Builders Association. Highly skilled, experienced, top quality bathroom renovation contractors, who are competitively priced.

  • Renovation Experts

    When it comes to renovating , make sure that you are dealing with experienced professional renovators. Water pressure, heat, building structure integrity and bathroom design are all pretty important things to get right. We bring their own team of plumbers, tilers, builders and designers to produce the very best bathroom at the most economical price. They oversee the entire project from conception to completion. You will not be left with any metaphorical or literal egg on your face. We are the experts in Adelaide.

  • Our Bathrooms Increase Property Prices

    Talk to any real estate agent and they will tell you about the importance of the state of the rooms, to a home’s overall resale value. Prospective buyers value bathrooms when making decisions about purchasing a house. A reno in your Brighton home will accentuate the vendor price you achieve. We all like to bathe in style in the twenty first century it seems; the bathroom is now the most popular room to renovate in the average Australian home. We will transform your old design into a brand new temple of bathing brilliance.

  • Energy Efficient in the 21C

    Your new design will not only look great, it can save you money on your heating and water bills. New technologies are making real savings in the with next generation hot water systems and fittings. We are the leaders in South Australia for energy efficient bathroom renovations and appliances. Stop wasting power and water in your bathroom and enjoy energy efficient bathing. Continuous hot water, when you need it, not when you don’t. Solar or the revolutionary heat pump, both can save big dollars.