• Bathroom Renovations in Parkside

  • Bathroom Renovations

    Beautiful Bathroom Renovations in Parkside brought to you by us. Your one stop project managers, we, will oversee the remodel of your new bathroom from the planning and conceptualisation stage right through to signing off on your bathroom, which will then be ready for you to fill up the bathtub with some bubbles while you pop the top off some fizzy bubbles in celebration. we have a vast array of knowledge in all manner of plumbing and gas fitting work makes them the perfect team to assign the all important job of renovating your bathroom.

    One Point of Contact

    An ideal arrangement as a customer is for you to engage the sole services of us to organise your bathroom renovations as you will only have one point of contact. There won’t be any hassles trying to chase up different tradespeople. There won’t be any complications of dealing with conflicting tradespeople not showing up on time, not completing their assigned work, blaming other trades for their errors. we have a well-respected team of general builders, plumbers, gas fitters, tilers and electricians. These trades will be under the supervision of us who will be solely accountable to you as the contractor. You deal with them, they deal with you.

    Bathroom Renovation Time

    Embarking on the decision to remodel your bathroom is exhilarating. Working with us, you will be involved from start to finish. You will be able to bring to life your grand design and watch it transform before your eyes. we offer the advantage of having qualified and specialist wet area know how and experience. They will be able to offer an in-depth assessment of your ideas and the logistics and practicalities of your ideas, providing information on whether your ideas are structurally sound and offering economical advice, such as where the least amount of drilling will be necessary to realign drains, for instance.  You will be completely involved in the selection of tiles, toilets, basins, taps, shower heads, shower screens, baths and cabinetry. There will be decisions made regarding the light fittings, light switches, towel rails, heaters and the list goes on. A total bathroom rejuvenation where there are huge benefits in having an isolated and independent arrangement with us.

    Additional Benefits  

    Vitally important in dealing with multiple trades is to organise them to attend in the correct order and we are adept at understanding the various processes and their correct and required order. This alone can be a huge cost saving in not having trades waiting around for another trade to finish before they can begin. A further cost saving comes in the expert knowledge of us to know, for instance, whether the shower head you would like to install is capable of operating with your water pressure. Having peace of mind in assigning the job to a project manager also allows you to continue pursuing your own interests, family life and livelihood. Another benefit in dealing with one company is ease of payment. One quote, one contractor, one account. For all those in Parkside and surrounding suburbs, we are waiting for your call to instruct commencement of your life changing bathroom renovation.