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    Love waking up to your home in Woodcroft? It’s a great suburb. But do you know what can make it even better? Waking up in your Woodcroft home and going for a swim in your new pool. Sounds good, right? At Statewide Pools, we’ve been designing and installing pools for over two decades. Let us help you too…

    South Australia’s #1 swimming pool company

    Australian leaders in the production of composite Fibreglass swimming pools, Statewide Pools is a name to trust. Our main manufacturing facility supplies our dealer network with fast, efficient and top quality swimming pools. Known for composite Fibreglass manufacturing, Statewide oversees the entire process of your pool – from design and manufacturing, to installation and ongoing advice. Using the latest technology, resins, and industry know-how, you can be sure you’re getting the best pool out there on the market.

    Composite fibreglass swimming pools

    Enjoy your home life even more, with a composite Fibreglass swimming pool. Our pools are manufactured in South Australia, using the very best products. We take your whole family into consideration, creating a pool with enough seating areas so everyone can enjoy. Available in a range of colours, starting from the standard pool blue to a range of cultured finishes, there’s a colour for every taste.

    Some of our designs include Vegas, Reno, Capri, Lap Pools, Sorrento, Malibu, Californian, Billabong, Hollywood, Esperance, Roman Classic, Bondi, Boston, Swim Spa, and Miami.

    Pool maintenance

    Keeping your pool clean, year round, is important. With a bit of love and care, your pool can go a long way… well beyond its years. Pool maintenance varies depending on the season and climate, but all pool owners need to take a few steps to keep it in great condition.

    First of all, you need to test your pool water to make sure it’s safe to swim in. Monitor the pH balance and chlorine levels often. If you leave the water untreated, bacteria, viruses and algae can grow. This can become a safety issue.

    Secondly, the correct use of chemicals will increase your pools life. And keep your family safe from health problems, caused by the pool. Things like too much chlorine or a breakout of algae.

    Last but not least, check your pool equipment regularly.

    If you need any advice about maintaining your pool, give Statewide a call. Pools are our thing, so let us share our knowledge.