• Hackham Bathroom Renovations

  • Affordable & Quality Modern Designs

    We will take the fear out of your bathroom renovation. If you are ready to renovate your bathroom, but it seems too hard, too messy, too involved, too time consuming… This is where you engage the professional and reliable services of us and watch them take care of your bathroom renovation from start to finish, old to new, dank and dark to shining and bright. Having established ourselves as reputable wet area specialists, we are equipped to utilise supplementary arms of our team providing the benefits of overseeing the whole scope of your bathroom renovation.

  • Superior Bathroom Renovations

    Bathroom renovations can extend from a new toilet cistern with base and a changeover of the vanity cupboards through to a complete demolishing of the existing wet area to prepare for a brand spanking, newly designed bathroom. We tend to spend a fair amount of time in the bathroom, sitting, laying, standing, cleaning; so it is only reasonable to want to spend that time in an environment we can enjoy and savour. We believe you will not find better bathroom renovators in Adelaide and we guarantee on completion, your new bathroom might just be the one room in the house you want to start spending more of your time.

  • Efficient and Economical

    We have been in the business of pipes and drains for many years and have come to understand the way the design of a bathroom will work best. Having our top tier tradesmen available to us benefits you. With your renovation being managed by the one team, you will ensure smooth and cohesive transfer from one trade to the next, enabling the most efficient and economical job possible. Commencing with on-site discussions to identify your objectives, we can proceed upon agreement to dismantle your current bathroom in favour of your choice of new drainage, new underfloor heating, new flooring, new tiles, new cabinetry, new bath and basin and shower screen, new fittings and fixtures, new paint and overall, a new lease of life for your bathroom. Our prime motivation will be to handover a new bathroom that astounds, where you will find yourself wanting to get dirty just so you can get in there and use it to fog up the mirrors, only to have them clear up and reflect visions of your beautiful new bathroom space.

  • Project Management Benefits

    Our prices will please in their comparisons to others because we are able to supply all the relevant trades and oversee their timely work. We can offer secure and affordable rates to provide the best tradespeople available and we will make sure to beat any genuine written quote.  Contact us in Hackham today for a friendly, free, no obligation quote from us and we will assist you in farewelling that redundant, old washroom replacing it with your newly renovated bathroom space.