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  • Roller Door Experts

    Eric of Viking Services can supply and install garage doors, repair and service roller doors and fully automate a manual door to a motorised one. If you live in the Golden Grove region of Adelaide, then Eric is your local expert.
    When you speak with Eric, you are speaking to someone with over 30 years of practical experience in the supply and installation of garage doors. You will speak directly to the tradesman, and not a sales representative or a large corporation.

  • Do you need your manual garage door converted to motorised?

    SPECIAL OFFER - SPECIAL OFFER - SPECIAL OFFER - promotion on motor installs to roller doors only for $450 (conditions apply) Get your manual roller door motorised today!

    As well as servicing old doors, and installation of new garage doors, Eric is a specialists at converting your old manual door to a fully automated one. This is so affordable to do, and can usually be done in under a day. Eric will even throw in a spare remote control to make life easier. Door automation prevents the headache of having to leave your car and physically lift it every time you want to get in and out. With just the click of a remote control your motorised and automated garage door is ready to drive in or out with ease. For Golden Grove residents, mention you found Eric on this ad.

  • How much do Garage Roller Doors cost?

    The prices to install a new garage door will vary on the size, make and model Eric deals with the manufacturers direct and can get great prices passing on the savings to you. As a sole operator with low overheads, Eric is one of the best priced operators in Adelaide.
    Contact Eric for a quote using the free direct quote form, or call him today.