• Eyelash Extensions Norwood

    Are you prepared for spending your time taking selfies? You don’t take selfies, you say. Just wait until you have eyelash extensions applied by The Doll House and you will become the selfie queen. Looking this way and that, up and down, to the left and to the right, you will fall in love with the way your eyes and face look with feathery and fluttering eyelashes in addition to your own. The Doll House at North Adelaide lays claim to offering the highest of quality services to many happy clients from Norwood and beyond. Call today to discuss the length and volume best suited to your face shape and existing lashes so we can gauge together the best look for your selfies.

  • Expert Eyelash Extensions

    When it comes to treatments on your face, you want procedures done properly. You will find The Doll House has the most up to the minute educated beauty technicians and first class products, knowledge and delivery expertise. Working with premium synthetic, silk or faux mink lashes ranging in length from 6mm to 17mm, we will ascertain the correct length and volume for your individual lashes to support the weight of. The application of a full set of lashes should take no more than two hours. That’s two hours of you reclining, two hours being pampered, two hours being prettied. When you are given the hand mirror following your eyelash application, your reaction will be one of loving amazement. You will be hooked.

  • Salon Services and Extras

    The Doll House with twenty years in the business knows plenty about all matters beauty, anti ageing and eyelashes. It provides peace of mind that we are a well established, reputable business. We ensure first class products, safe ingredients, hygienic work spaces and qualified technicians. Our beauty services include massaging, manicures, pedicures, spray tans, make up, peels, lifts and dermabrasion, wraps and aromatherapy, to name just a few. Your eyelash extension application will be performed in these same premises under the same stringent guidelines. You will be provided take home information to care for your eyelashes to enable their preservation and ongoing support as one of our valuable clients.

  • Eyelash Technician Expertise

    While we are experts in the area of eyelash extensions, many of our technicians are certified to undertake many of our beauty treatments. This enables you to create a relationship with one beauty expert which will save time, potentially save costs and allows a certain familiar modesty to develop between yourself and the technician. Eyelash extensions will improve in their appearance if other eye treatments are attended to at the same times. Our technicians are able to carry out waxing, eyebrow threading, tinting and general shaping. You will walk away looking a million dollars and feeling a zillion dollars all the while spending within your budget. We look forward to hearing from you in Norwood today and invite your enquiries.