• Bathroom Renovations in Lonsdale

  • Gorgeous Bathroom Designs

    Are you looking at a bathroom makeover for your Lonsdale residence? we are the bathroom renovation experts on the south side of Adelaide. Bathrooms are the new black; with more South Australians choosing to renovate their bathrooms over any other room in the house. Enjoy a luxurious and beautiful looking bathroom in your home or business. We are the leaders in Adelaide for energy efficient bathrooms and renovations. Call us now to find out more about what they offer or Click Here to email a customer representative.

  • Energy Efficient Bathroom Renovations

    You want your new bathroom to not only look sensational, but to also perform brilliantly. We can help you save money on your hot water bills, with new technologically advanced bathroom appliances. Stop wasting power and water in your bathroom and enjoy energy efficient bathing. Bathrooms are places of sanctuary, in our sometimes stressful lives, so you want to be able to afford their healing charms. Heat pumps and solar hot water systems can improve your bottom line; and are good for our environment.

  • Bathroom Makeover Specialists

    Don’t risk your valuable Lonsdale home, or building, to inexperienced contractors, when it comes to renovating your bathroom. We provide professional peace of mind, with our team of expert bathroom renovators and designers. Getting things right, when it comes to water pressure, pipes and drainage is pretty important, if you want your bathroom to function perfectly. We provide a builder, tiler, plumber and designer to make sure that nothing is left to chance. We look after the entire process from the very beginning to its proper conclusion. We are the bathroom makeover specialists in Adelaide.

  • 21C Bathrooms & Property Prices

    Take your bathroom into the twenty first century and enjoy a five-star experience. The state of your bathroom affects the property value of your home. Real estate agents declare it to be one of the most important indicators within a house, or building, in terms of saleability. Your bathroom is an asset, not to be ignored or neglected. Your Lonsdale home will benefit from a new bathroom. We can turn your old bathroom into the bathroom of your dreams. Enjoy the best of both worlds; a new bathroom and a more desirable home. Talk to a us and our customer representative about your next bathroom facelift. The future looks a whole lot brighter already.