• Tyres Klemzig

    Ok, so your tyres have seen better days… they’re ready to be replaced but you’re not sure where to go. All you know is you want great value and expert advice on how you can make the most out of your tyres. At Goodyear Tyre and Auto, we’ve been supporting residents of Klemzig and surrounding suburbs, to access the best quality tyres – at the best price. Come and visit us close by, at your nearest Goodyear Tyre and Auto shop – at 215 North East Road, Hampstead Gardens.

  • Why choose Goodyear Tyre and Auto?

    We make buying new tyres easy… actually, we make anything car related simple. You don’t have to worry about being out of action for days either, as we provide all of our customers with loan cars. So why do your neighbours in Klemzig choose us? Here are five reasons.

    1. We do things right the first time
    2. Best price guaranteed… and we mean it
    3. Expert knowledge and advice, so you can get more out of your tyres
    4. A large selection of tyres available
    5. Loan car available – so you can go about your day, worry-free.

    People know us for tyres, but we do so much more than that. We do wheel alignments, balancing, car servicing, car repairs, and anything else you need help with. Before we start our installation process, we fully inspect every wheel and tyre – to ensure that our products are free from any issues. We are meticulous in everything we do… which is why we’ve been around for so many decades.

  • How do we install new tyres?

    The key in this entire process is having the right equipment to fit your new tyres safely and securely. Then we’ll jack up your car. This is so your car is secure, and stops it from rolling. All bolt holes and threads will line up. Then we make sure that the tyres fit on the hub properly and the suspension strut, brake caliper, and wheel arc have enough clearance. Once all this is done, we’ll make sure that we tighten your wheel bolts, according to your car manufacturer’s specifications.
    We recommend that you do your best to keep your new tyres nice and clean. Wash them frequently with warm and soapy water – just don’t use harsh cleaners! This will help prevent brake dust, dirt and anything else causing major damage.