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  • Panini Brothers Bakery

    Looking to buy bread, pastries and cakes? Live in Rostrevor? Your local bakery isn’t far – Panini Brothers. We specialise in Italian-style bakery food, for breakfast and lunch. Come and visit us at 2/4 Jan Street Newton. There’s something for every taste.

    Find a local café

    There’s something special about having a local café to visit every morning. It becomes part of your daily routine. You get to know the people making your coffee and serving up your morning snack. At Panini Brothers, we love our sweet and savoury.

    Here’s a list of popular items at bakeries. Come and see which ones we do.

    Chocolate chip brioche

    A traditional brioche, but for chocolate lovers.

    Pear danish

    Full of flavour, this pastry is filled with pastry cream, almond cream and sweet pear.


    This country style loaf, hailed Italy’s finest of breads, is crispy and crunchy.


    It might be flat but it’s definitely not flat on the tastebuds. Focaccia is seasoned with herbs and brushed with olive oil to bring this loaf to life.

    Strawberry tart

    This is a pistachio pastry cream in a pate sucre crust, topped with fresh strawberries. What’s more to like?

    Lemon meringue tart

    It’s light and tangy! Blending lemon curd and lemon juice in a pate sucre crust, this tart is complete with meringue.

    Celebrate, with a tiramisu

    Probably Italy’s most popular desserts, the tiramisu is a rich blend of strong cocoa and espresso flavours with a savoury mascarpone cheese and wine – covered with biscuits. If you’re going to try any Italian dessert, it has to be the tiramisu.

    Tiramisu means to “pick me up”. There’s really no need to explain why… its two main ingredients are coffee and cocoa, remember? And there’s of course, the second meaning. The tiramisu is simply that good, it gives us a pick me up.

    Today, tiramisu is a versatile dessert option. It can be enjoyed with chocolate, or even fruit – where berries, peaches or apricots are added. There’s also a trend towards frozen tiramisu. It can be found in cakes, icecreams, cheesecakes and puddings.

    Tiramisu is a fantastic Italian delicacy, to enjoy at any time of the year. Although often shared on special occasions, its delicious taste makes it hard to wait – so treat yourself, and come and visit us at Panini Brothers.

    You haven’t tasted tiramisu until you’ve tasted ourtiramisu. Let us share it with you, today!