• Bathroom Renovations Burnside

    For a one-stop bathroom makeover shop, choose Creative Tileworks. While our specialty is tiling, we take care of the entire transformation. Waterproofing, tessellated tiles, heritage work, and wall and floor tiling are the kinds of things we do each day. For over 40 years, South Australians have been coming to us for our service and quality workmanship. We can come out to your Burnside (5066) home and discuss your bathroom ideas. Call us today on 8389 6320.

    Bathroom remodelling

    Have you been in your home for some time now? Looking to replace your bathroom that’s now become outdated? Maybe you’re buying a new house but you’re not a huge fan of the bathroom. Whatever your situation, talk to our team about our complete bathroom remodelling service. At Creative Tileworks, we do it all. And when we say it all, we mean it. From concept to completion, we’re your go-to bathroom remodelling team.

    About Creative Tileworks

    Think of us as your bathroom specialists. At Creative Tileworks, we create beautiful, individual bathrooms suited to you.

    We understand that renovating your bathroom is an investment, both on your pocket and your time. But we believe updating your bathroom will bring an added value to your house. So, if and when you do decide to sell, you’ll get a higher sale price than you would have if you didn’t remodel. Every project starts with a phone call, so get in touch with us today.

    Spruce up an old bathroom with the right tiles

    Some bathrooms never lose their stylish edge, while others are cringe-worthy. When considering which tiles to use in your new bathroom, you need to know your options. 

    Here are a few different tile options for your bathroom:

    • Glass: A popular choice for modern bathrooms, glass tiles are available in a wide range of colours and finishes. Although glass tiles tend to be a little more expensive, their shiny surface makes for a polished look that’s hard to pass up. We use glass tiles as a feature wall or feature strip within a wall.
    • Ceramic: Less expensive than glass, ceramic tiles are great for humid places. They’re easy to install and are great to customise. Do not paint ceramic, it does not work.
    • Stone: Offering a neutral, balanced look, stone tiles tend to lean themselves towards people who love a natural, organic feel.
    • Porcelain: Expensive yet durable, porcelain tiles are perfect for bathrooms because they’re not very absorbent.

     If you’re unsure which tile to choose, we can help. Call our team at Creative Tileworks today.