• Why Choose Affordable Chimney Sweeps?

    Sam has been a part of the Chimney cleaning industry in Happy Valley for over 2 years fulltime now and has really hit quite strong in the past 6 months.  Sam has managed to grow his small little chimney sweeping business into a nice sized, well-managed company. All of Sam’s clients that have used him are willing to promote him to their friends and family. Sam knows exactly what he is talking about when it comes to fireplaces and cleaning flues, but he can also acknowledge if he is not sure and needs to get some more information.  Sam is definitely a people person and can collaborate with almost anyone.

  • Guidelines for Cleaning Open Fireplaces compared to Wood Burning Heaters

    Whether it’s an open-fire place or a wood oven heater, for safety reasons Sam suggests that you should have your flue cleaned regularly.  A Wood heater flue requires a clean more regularly, if you are using it every day during winter. The open fireplaces can be used every day in winter but only need a clean after every third season. This is due to open fireplaces being built with brick and having a bigger open flue. If you do not get it cleaned regularly, Sam says that you could run into a few problems like smoke inside the house, which carries the carbon monoxide and possibly some soot. You could also have an issue with a chimney fire if your creosote catches on fire. Creosote is highly flammable and could easily start a fire in your flue and if it is not inspected and cleaned. Once on fire, it could reach your ceiling space and then you could have a huge insurance claim on your hands. To avoid this call Affordable Chimney Sweeps for a quick quote.

  • Sam's Price Promise

    Sam understands that you could be potentially facing a large cost if you have multiple chimneys that you need cleaned. This is why he tries to ask all of his questions over the phone. Based on your answers, Sam will quickly evaluate your situation and get back to you as soon as possible with a price. Sam will discount on multiple chimneys and also the distance that he needs to travel, all so that he can complete your job and try to keep some cash in your pocket. Sam has been known to make some on site decisions – working out that he doesn’t need to charge what he initially quoted. This pleases his clients extremely – Do you know of any other tradesman that are willing to give you some money back? It’s almost of unheard of, but that is the way that Sam prefers to operate his business and continues to provide a unique quality of work. Sam’s on going5-star ratings prove that he is a fantastic chimney sweep and that he is willing to make some sacrifices to keep his clients happy. With all of these ethics combined, Sam’s company is almost unbeatable to his competitors. Affordable Chimney Sweeps is a one of a kind chimney cleaning / sweeping service in the Happy Valley area of South Australia.

  • Chimney Sweeps Happy Valley

    For a local chimney cleaner in Happy Valley, close to you who services Aberfoyle Park, Reynella and Woodcroft. Call Sam, the local chimney expert. For the lowest prices on cleaning a fireplace or a flue for a wood burning stove, Sam of Affordable Chimney Sweeps Happy Valley SA 5159 can help.

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