• Retaining Walls Adelaide prices

    Retaining walls Adelaide costs are going to vary from job to job. The main variable is going to be the height required. The higher the wall must be, then the deeper the steel must also go into the ground to compensate. Often a higher strength steel is required depending on the height that the wall is required to be. So as the height increases, so too do costs. For walls under one metre in height, engineering is not required, so it is up to the contractor to rely on their experience for a suitable post hole depth. Engineering is an added cost, so count yourself lucky if your retaining walls are low, eg for slightly raised garden beds.
    The DIY Option can save you if you are on a tight budget, but it is not something we would recommend for any wall above 1m that requires engineering. These are best left to licensed and experienced contractors, with the right machinery.
    Obviously the patterned and coloured concrete sleepers will cost a little more than the plain concrete, but in a highly visible area it is worth it. The right sleepers can turn what used to be a bit of an eyesore into a feature wall to punctuate a backyard.
    Contact us for a free quote, or to take a look through our diverse range of patterns. By choosing the styles you desire, and showing us your plans with engineering, we can give you a precise quote. Without engineering we can give a very accurate estimate.

  • Concrete Retaining Walls Adelaide

    Nothing compliments a garden like a good quality retaining wall. With so many styles of concrete sleepers, retaining walls aren't those unsightly, practical necessities anymore. Now they can be a stunning visual showpiece. We create, supply, manufacture and install all types of retaining walls and fences. We also have a DIY option where you can select the steel required for your job, and choose the sleepers you like. Or if you would rather leave it to the experts, we can take care of the whole process from excavation, reading engineering, digging post holes, concreting in the required H Channel steel, and lowering in the heave concrete sleepers you have selected.
    When combined with quality fencing, and the right contractors expertly installing them, a retaining wall will last a lifetime, and provide a practical solution to your sloping allotment. Let us provide your fencing solutions and installation of your Adelaide retaining wall.
    Among the many uses are the obvious retention of soil to provide level sections on which to build. We are also seeing homeowners deliberately build levels within a flat backyard for visual aesthetics and vegetable gardens. With so many colours and styles of patterned concrete sleepers to choose from now, there is a style to suit your home without looking like a cold plain concrete wall. Have a look at the photos throughout this article to get an idea of just a few of the styles of Adelaide retaining walls.

  • Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls Adelaide

    Whilst it is possible to build retaining walls with timber sleepers, we highly recommend spending a little more for concrete. They won't warp, rot or splinter, and with the styles available now, they can be a genuine feature.
    Oxide can be put into the concrete in mixing, this colours the sleeper. We have a variety of colours, so there is bound to be one that suits your tastes and existing landscaping ideas. They are then poured into large moulds to create various patterns. Some look like natural stone, some look like bookleaf stone cladding, and there are a large number of diverse styles to make your selections from. Take a look at some of the pictures included in this article to get an idea of just how stunning these concrete sleeper retaining walls can be. These are just a small sample of what we have available.
    So for manufacture, supply and expert installation by leading tradesmen, contact us on the number provided. For all your Adelaide retaining wall solutions.

  • Council Regulations and Engineering

    In Adelaide there are regulations surrounding the construction of retaining walls. Generally speaking though if it is under one metre in height, then you do not need an engineers report and council approval. If it is over one metre, you will need to see council approval and engineering.

    If you can avoid going above the one metre mark, this will save you considerable time and money. The costs can increase significantly when engineers are required, and the time costs, as well as council applications costs all mount up as well. I would only recommend this where it is "line ball". Obviously there are circumstances where this is unavoidable. And you can not try and trim down a 2m requirement down to one metre to save costs.

    The jobs under one metre are quick, easy, and very cost effective. This is not to say we don't love the challenges that come with building taller retaining walls. If you need assistance with the council process, we are more than happy to guide and directly help you through it. It's a process we have done many times before, and is not a complex one.

  • We Sell Patterned Concrete Sleepers

    Take a look through some of the photos. We have an extensive range of patterned and coloured concrete sleepers to choose from. Long gone are the days of staring at an ugly wall simply because it's practical. With your mast prized asset, your home, worth more than ever before, why not invest a tiny bit extra in making a functional form into a work of art. Some patterns mimic stackstone, some patterns mimic natural stone walls. There are a variety of moulds, and you may find if you contact us for a look, that since the time of writing this, there are even more options available. We are constantly striving to be number one, and always looking for the best patterned concrete sleepers to install or sell.