• Carpet Cleaning Marion

  • Are you based in Marion and looking for a cleaning service you can trust? Why not give us a try? We have 20 years experience turning grime and dirt into an image that works, with our expert cleaners and state-of-the –art techniques. Do you need a full clean of your home or business? Perhaps just need a steam clean of your carpets and upholstery, or a clean, strip and seal of your tiles and grout? Our service is the place to go for all of your home or business cleaning. Call us today for a FREE quote on all of our services! We’re the ones Marion can trust to deliver a amazing service for you every time. 


    Have you got stains that just won’t come out? What must people think when they come into your home or business and see a dirty carpet? Change their perceptions now with a full steam cleaning by Adelaide Dynamic Cleaning Services. We will make your floors as good as new, and ensure the health and hygiene of the house by eradicating stains and banishing hard-to-see mould and bacteria build up. Our cleaners are experienced, dedicated and thorough, and the methods we use are second to none. We’ve been cleaning in Marion for 20 years now – make yours next! 


    End of Lease inspections can bring a lot of stress to an otherwise happy home or office. You might ruminate about them for weeks, and worse, you can be left struggling to find a new lease if the property isn’t found to be in tip top shape. Ease the worries of having to do all of that tedious work, and give it to us! We know exactly what your landlord or agent wants to see, because we come up with the goods consistently. We will treat the property with the care it deserves, cleaning carpets, sanitizing walls, polishing metal services, and any other cleaning service you can imagine to make sure you have your lease renewed, or get your full bond back!


    Time is not the friend of upholstery. Over time your chairs and fabrics can collect a lot of unsightly stains and grime, which can age the chair or turn an otherwise delightful piece into a health hazard. We’ve serviced the upholstery of businesses ranging from five star hotels to nursing homes, and everything in between. We are the experts in upholstery cleaning in Marion! 


    You sleep on it every night, but is it clean enough to eat off of? Every night your mattress collects sweat, dead skin cells, dust mites, and dust mite excrement, covering your mattress with a film of filth that seeps deeper and deeper into the fabric. If that thought bothers you – good. That means you’re ready to let us help! We will clean and sanitize your mattress and have it ready before you need it again. We care about the dreams of our clients, and after our services you will always rest easy knowing you received the best bang for your buck.


    Have you forgotten what your tiles used to look like? Let us remind you with our tile and grout cleaning options. We will put your tiles and grout through a full rejuvenation with the most current machinery, and the safest, Australian owned chemicals. We will clean, strip, and seal your tiles, and finish off the job with premium sealers and cleaners, guaranteeing you that your tiles and grout remain stain and grime free for a long time!