• Low Cost Roof Restoration in Wayville

    Cockatoo Roofing are your local Wayville roofer for tiled roof resprays, and new colorbond roofing. If you need a small section patched, the look enhanced or a complete roof built then they are the team for you.

    Gordon owns and operates Cockatoo Roofing. Take a look down the page and you'll see great testimonials on Gordon's work. When you hire Gordon, you get the very best materials and construction with no shortcuts. But the best part is the price; Bring any written quote to Gordon on roof restoration and he'll beat it.


    Everyone is trying to save money and avoid being ripped off. The roof restoration business has been under the spotlight with certain companies overcharging. Don't fall into a trap of going with one quote because that particular company told you it was a massive discount. Make sure you call Gordon of Cockatoo Roofing with your written quote and he can save you money. Gordon will beat any written genuine quote and is proud to be the lowest cost operator in his industry.

    Over the years Gordon has saved his customers up to several thousand per job on roof respraying and re-roofing.

  • Huge Warranties

    Cockatoo Roofing offer huge warranties. Their company is licensed and insured and have coverage for public liability of $20,000,000*. The colorbond roofs have their own warranty of 30 years, so you have peace of mind. Dulux paints are the best quality and have a 10 year warranty. The galvanised roofs have a 20 year warranty.

  • Services Provided

    When it comes to a small roof repair or a brand new colorbond roof, Cockatoo Roofing do the lot. Take a look at the comprehensive list of services below, and if you have a specific request call Gordon on the number provided.

    • 36 different roof colours for you to choose from
    • High pressure cleaning or tiled and galvanised roofs
    • replacement of roof tiles
    • heat proof and/ or reflective paint
    • commercial or residential
    • Roof Maintenance
    • Leak Fixing
    • Cleaning Gutters
    • Ridge Capping
    • Iron Colorbond Roof Wayville
  • SA Family Owned and Operated

    Support a small local family business and get that personal touch that  comes from a company who takes pride in their workmanship. Cockatoo Roof Restorations in Wayville genuinely care about client satisfaction and doing the best job on your home renovation.

    2.5(based on 13 reviews)
    • Very friendly an professional. No more leaks in my roof. Tilly 02/22/2016
    • - Gordon will ask for your money to coax your into believing that in doing so, he will do the work required - He will then take your money and leave you waiting weeks before any work is even started - He will continually say that he will be coming down today, tomorrow or whenever, but trust me, this is just to stop you from asking. He will not turn up. - Once you are robbed of your money, you will fire this guy and look for someone else. - Do yourself a favour and keep yourself away from this agony. - Create an alternative future for yourself without Cockatoo Roof Unrestorations, and go with quality workmanship. Do not get tempted with the "lower" pirce that he offers - this "lower price" that he will take from you is enough to make you broke for long time. Shafted and robbed 05/30/2018
    • this guy is a scam artist...I know of multiple customers chasing him to complete the job or return the money he requested up front Gareth 07/17/2018
    • We have exactly the same experience - roof still unpainted Ripped off 07/21/2018
    • My home is a shambles because of Gordon. He has no conscience and morals and all he thinks about is himself and stealing money from unsuspecting customers - who, as you can read from above, have damaged and leaking homes as a result of his dodgy work. Do not get fooled by his 'friendly' approach because this is what scammers like to do. They befriend you, take your money and run. Meanwhile, you are left having to chase up someone that doesn't return your calls. DO NOT GIVE THIS PERSON MONEY UPFRONT!!! PLEASE DO NOT!!!! He is a con and a scammer, and something needs to be done about his business, because what he does is downright illegal! Gutted and broke 07/31/2018
    • gordon ashley wilson isn't even registered for GST!!! https://abr.business.gov.au/AbnHistory/View/86791454608 Cheated 07/31/2018
    • If you have been burned by Gordon Wilson, please contact me on facebook. My name is Derek Drivers. Add me please. Derek 08/28/2018
    • If you have been burned by Gordon Wilson, please contact me on facebook. My name is Derek Drivers. Add me please. Derek 08/28/2018
    • All the negative reviews of Gordon Wilson and Cockatoo Roof Restorations are not exaggerated or false. Contact the Adelaide Office of Consumer and Business Services and they will confirm they have a file open on this con man. Ashley 08/28/2018
    • GORDON WILSON's business - Cockatoo Roof Restorations - ceased being registered in July 2018. Expect him to try to continue trading just on his name. ALL negative reviews on this person are not exaggerated - I just wish they appeared on my internet search 2 years ago which would have saved me a considerable amount of money now lost. DO NOT GIVE THIS IDIOT ANY MONEY AND DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD HE SAYS. Mary 09/03/2018
    • DO NOT USE GORDON WILSON!! I wish I had read these reviews earlier!!! He is the biggest scam and takes deposits & promises the world and DOES NOT ANSWER HIS PHONE!!!!!!! DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD HE SAYS!!!!! frustrated 10/12/2018
    • Well, it looks like I am not the only one! Derek Driver - Could we all contact you to get this FRAUD onto Today Tonight? He is a classic SCAM Peter 10/12/2018
    • Hi Peter, please contact me on facebook... I've got 2 others that I'm talking to also that have also been scammed. I would be very much interested in catching this fraud and exposing him. Derek Drivers 10/15/2018
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