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  • Meth Lab Cleanup Adelaide

  • Have you recently purchased a property or own one that has been destroyed by someone using it as a meth lab? The you will need to have it cleaned, steralised and restored, this is where we come in. At Meth Cleanup Adelaide we are the leading biohazard cleaning service in the city and can ensure that no matter how much drug residue has been left behind, we will be able to have it cleaned and restored like brand new.

    WE have a team of professionals that have years of experience in this field and will always put in an equal amount of time and care into every job. If you have a meth decontamination job that needs to be undertaken, talk to our experts today and we will be able to offer you one of the best and most professional services in Adelaide.

  • Meth Lab Cleaning

    With meth becoming such a big substance in Adelaide and indeed all across South Australia, it can become problematic when people start making it in their homes. If you own a home or are looking at buying a property that was previously used as a meth lab, then our trained professional team can decontaminate it, clean it, and restore it back to its previous glory. Drug residue can leave a lingering smell over the years and can even de value a property. We ensure that every instance of residue is gone and will stay gone forever with our expert meth lab cleaning service.

  • Meth Lab Testing

    Concerned that the property you are in or are looking at may have been used to produce meth in the past? Then we offer a meth lab testing service. This allows you to get a written report after we complete a forensic test on any property to show any signs of its previous use as a meth lab. Doing this can reduce the cost of the restoring process by identifying the key areas of where the drug was made. This is a service that should be done if you have any suspicion as it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

  • About Us

    Our expert and professional team have years of experience is cleaning up meth labs and removing drug residue from properties all across the city. We have spent years training and constantly improving our methods to ensure the best possible service and end result. This is a service that cannot be taken lightly and must be 100% perfect each and every time. We put every ounce of effort into every job to ensure the best possible results for your health and satisfaction.