• Bathroom renovations Belair

    We’ve redesigned bathrooms in Belair, for many homeowners. Our customers choose us because we’re a bathroom one-stop-shop – making renovating easier and streamlined. We understand that creating a new bathroom can be daunting. But our process not only makes it as stress-free as possible, but also focuses on you enjoying the journey.

  • Say goodbye to your old, out-dated bathroom

    Just imagine walking into your bathroom, feeling inspired and fresh. You probably can’t quite feel it now, because you can’t get your old bathroom out of your mind. But let us tell you, you will get this feeling.

    Your old bathroom is still useful. We’ll start the process from here – talking about how it’s currently used, and how you’d like to use it. It’s our foundation, to build upon.

  • Bathroom renovation questions to ask your contractor

    The job of a bathroom renovation company isn’t always easy. Each project is vastly different, and needs to combine design and functionality.

    Here are five questions to go through with your contractor, just in case they aren’t addressed from the beginning.

    1. Are there hidden issues, underneath the tiles?

    Make sure there aren’t any underlying issues, before you start.

    1. Privacy: how much do you need?

    You need to consider privacy, as bathrooms are often shared.

    1. Do you need more than one bathroom?

    Would more than one bathroom be an option? Think about it.

    1. What are your water requirements?

    Do you take frequent baths? Prefer showers? Think about how you like to use water.

    1. Puddles – they’re never fun.

    A fancy shower may look great, but does it leave puddles? Talk to your contractor about this.

    There are a lot of things that you can proactively do, to help your bathroom renovation contractor. Support them, by doing what you can. Know what type of bathroom you’re looking for, so you can convey it to your team.

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    Let’s get this process started. Give us a call today or email us using the contact form at the bottom of this page for a free quote in Belair SA.