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    If you are looking to purchase, sell or transfer a property, then you'll need the services of a registered conveyancer. Mary of Conveyancing Specialists is your local conveyancer for Walkerville residents. With an office centrally located nearby on Prospect Road, Mary is here to assist you in your local area.

    Whenever a property is purchased or sold there are contractual obligations from each end. A conveyancer will help answer all your questions, inform you of your rights and obligations, and work with you to ensure the process is smooth.

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  • The Conveyancing Specialists Difference

    When you deal with Conveyancing Specialists, you deal direct with the business owner, Mary. Mary is a registered conveyancer, she has over 20 years of experience in the industry, and a wealth of knowledge that is directly at the ready to assist her clients.

    Mary continually reinvests in her own training and development to stay on the cutting edge of any legislative changes that could impact her present or future clients.

    The main difference with Mary is the cohesiveness of the operation. Mary handles your file from start to finish. This avoids those small mistakes that can creep in when too many people are involved, or when larger companies delegate to junior staff.

    At all points, Mary will know where your transaction is at, and can assist you quickly and directly with your questions.

  • Services Provided

    For the vendor: Are you selling your home? You'll need the assistance of a registered conveyancer like Mary. Conveyancers prepare legal contracts and Form 1 documents., otherwise known as cooling off forms.
    Before you appoint a real estate agent, it is a good idea to talk to your local conveyancer to ensure the correct forms and contracts are used to protect your interests. This is where Mary can help inform you of your obligations and rights.

    For the purchaser: Mary can offer pre-purchase advice and contracts. Don't leave a major financial decision to chance, get fully informed before you take this step and get advice before you sign the contract.

    Private Sales: Private sales are more common now as people seek to save agents' fees. With the right contracts the process can be very smooth. Mary can ensure the contracts an cooling off forms are in place, and that your interests are protected.
    Land Divisions: With over 20 years experience, Mary has assisted developers in many subdivisions around Walkerville and the greater Adelaide area. For subdivisions, altering boundaries, re aligning boundaries or amalgamating allotments, Conveyancing Specialists can help.
    Family Transfers: These can be through court order, or through simply moving property to a family member. Mary can ensure the legal documentation is correctly prepared.
    Range of other services: Visit Mary in her Prospect office just a few minutes drive from Walkerville, or contact her using the forms provided and she will be in touch.