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  • Want the best building prices in Adelaide?

    Don't we all! We all want the best building prices, the best quality builder and a fast turnaround. But unless you've built a lot of homes, there are so many pitfalls.

    Hi, I'm Michael Chunys of Adelaide Building Brokers. We are a service for anyone looking to build a home. We don't actually build any homes ourselves, but we will mediate with at least three builders on your behalf to make sure you get the best:
    • price
    • contract terms
    • quality
    • building time frame
    Our service is free, we get paid by the successful builder at the end of the process.

  • About Our Company

    Adelaide Building Brokers was set up in response to unscrupulous practices in the building industry. These often left homeowners with unfinished homes, homes that took months even years over time, and in a lot of cases, blatant overcharging.
    SA Building Brokers has noticed real life examples of the exact same homes having over 50% difference in price. For no apparent difference in quality.
    We are happy to save our clients thousands, and help sure up the parts of the building contracts that can leave you exposed.

  • About Michael

    Hi I'm Michael Chunys, I've been involved in the building industry for 15 years as a developer, renovator, and investor. I deal with builders all the time, and whilst many are good, there are a high proportion that overcharge, or use loopholes within contracts to squeeze more out of you or get away with poor workmanship.
    In my early days I fell victim to some of these practices, and I've witnessed people lose almost everything due to unscrupulous builders. Builders adding on extra "variations", builders taking months over time to complete, costing extra interest, and blatant overcharging. It can, and does happen.
    So I am on a mission to ensure only the lowest cost, fastest and best builders are used. I ensure contracts are solid and there's no room for builders to add hidden extras, or take months over time.

    My service is free, and I present a minimum of three building proposals and prices to you for your designated floor plan. It is possible to compare apples to apples, and get you the best price and the best terms. In some cases clients can save over $50 to $100,000 on larger builds simply by having someone experienced on their team shopping around.

    We receive a fee from the successful builder, the cost to you is completely free.

  • Our Services

    Our services involve liaising with you about your home you are about to build, and working out what is important to you. There are always going to be parts of your dream home you won't want to compromise on and we understand this. Our job is to get you the best quality build at the lowest price with the tightest contracts.

    We work out the level of selections and quality, so that the builders have all information to compare apples to apples. This way there is no ambiguity on quotations.

    The three things to manage always come down to PRICE, TIMING and QUALITY

    Price: By shopping around to several builders, they are aware of the need for a sharp pencil to win your job. But with our expert eye we look for the sneaky ways builders often get more. This is in the way of under quoting allowances, (like footings) or a lot of PC's (Prime costs - which is basically guessing a price and means nothing), or by leaving things out of the contract (Floor coverings, rainwater tank, paving, storm water etc). It takes a keen eye to spot all of this.
    The next part is fixing the price of the contract. Not just on the house, but on all related works you've agreed to in order to complete the job, such as retaining walls, fencing, electrical run to the house.
    So there are two elements to pricing, making sure that your builder is the lowest price with all inclusions. Then fixing that price so any variations are their cost not yours.

    Timing: Time is the biggest killer in any build. There are builders not paying tradesmen and slowing things down, there are companies taking on too much work and spreading themselves too thin. If your project goes 6 months over time, that's tens of thousands of dollars in waster mortgage repayments.
    The solution is a worthy penalty clause if they run over time. The penalty clause needs to be enforceable and significant enough to force the builder to complete your job on time and on budget.

    Quality: Most of the research into quality will be done through builders' past jobs, display homes, and supervision along the way. In this case the best idea is to choose a display home as an agreed minimum quality for all the things that can't be quantified in a contract.

  • Real Examples

    In the table above you will notice a real example. On a small 92 square metre, two bedroom single garage home, the differences can be dramatic. There is a 55% discrepancy between the highest and lowest FIXED price quote on identical homes or identical finishes.
    Imagine the same percentage discrepancies in a high end home costing half a million to build!

    We saved this client thousands, as there were 8 of these homes in a development. So multiply the savings by 8.
    It just goes to show you how dramatic the differences can be between builders, and why it pays to see us.


  • Why should I use a building broker?

    There are so many horror stories of builders over charging, or not delivering. By having someone experienced on your side, you can shop around, negotiate, and make sure the contracts protect you.
    This ensures your building process is smooth and won't cost extra.
    Our services are free, and we ensure you get the best:
    1. price
    2. timeframe
    3. quality