• Quality Bathroom Renovations Sheidow Park

  • Bathroom Renovations Sheidow Park

    Thinking about a new bathroom makeover in Sheidow Park? we are the bathroom renovation experts in the south of Adelaide. Combining the skills of builders, plumbers, tilers and designers, we make better looking and better functioning bathrooms for less. we look after the whole process, from go to whoa. With more South Aussies fixing up their bathrooms than ever before, you want the best. Competitively priced, professional and very experienced. Don’t risk your valuable property without talking to the team about your next bathroom renovation. 

  • Energy Efficient Bathroom Makeovers

    Our bathrooms can chew up a lot of water, energy and money, if they are not energy efficient. Old bathrooms use more water and power to achieve what can be done more efficiently in the twenty first century. In Sheidow Park, SA 5158, and in surrounding suburbs, a new bathroom can save you money. New technological advances in hot water heating systems, now mean, more hot water at less cost. Solar, heat pumps and gas continuous hot water heaters are all more energy efficient than the old electric hot water storage tank. wecan build you a better bathroom and install new power and water saving appliances.

  • Old Style Bathrooms Depress Property Prices

    Your old bathroom is doing you no favours, when it comes to the resale value of your Sheidow Park home or business. You might be putting up with a chipped, stained and second rate bathroom for no good reason. If your bathroom is dragging down the expected purchase price on your house, it might be time to renovate your existing bathroom. we are the bathroom renovation experts on the south side of Adelaide. They can economically transform your bathroom and provide you with a better looking and performing bathroom.

  • Bathroom Renovation Experts

    We provide peace of mind for your next bathroom makeover, because they look after the entire process from start to finish. They bring in their own designer, tiler, builder and plumber to complete every part of your new bathroom renovation. Bathrooms are important structurally to the integrity of your house or building. Water pressure, pipes and drainage are not things that you would want to put into the hands of an inexperienced contractor. You want your new bathroom in Sheidow Park to not only look fabulous, but also function properly.