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  • Plumbers St Peters SA

    Need a plumber in St Peters, Adelaide, 5069? Are you looking for a reliable and technologically advanced plumbing outfit? Abbey Plumbing has built a reputation for being one of the most advanced commercial and residential plumbing organisations in this city. Four words: Underground Pipe Refurbishment Technology. What do they mean? It means that their plumbers will not need to dig up your beautiful garden or destroy your paved landscaping, in most cases, when your underground pipes are cracked and broken. This plumbing innovation will save you money, time and damage to your Adelaide property.

  • After Hours Emergency Plumbing

    When plumbing fails, so do the nerves of many householders in St Peters, and around the state; a plumbing problem is often a crisis. Water, high pressure, sewerage, and malodorous smells, these things are not to be messed with lightly. You need a mobile, fully licensed, professional plumber on the scene; and Abbey Plumbing can deliver. Their rapid response emergency plumbers can help you after hours, on the weekend, on holidays, and 24/7. Peace of mind; Abbey Plumbing.

  • Hot Water Systems

    In St Peters, at your home or place of business, there is no need to put up with cold showers because of a busted hot water system. Abbey Plumbing can get you back on the road to bathing bliss in no time at all. Adelaide in winter is no place for a dodgy or aged hot water heater; act now and prevent a potential mini crisis. Put your old hot water system out to pasture and step into the twenty first century. Gas, solar or the revolutionary heat pump will surprise you in improved performance and substantial cost savings on heating your hot water. Talk to an Abbey Plumbing plumber and they can advise you on the best choice for your unique situation; and what is on offer in South Australia in terms of government subsidies.

  • Renovations

    Whether you are upgrading your kitchen or completing a whole new renovation, Abbey Plumbing can install sinks, dishwashers, drains, pipes, taps and fittings. Professional help can mean no problems for many years to come in your designer kitchen.

  • Bathroom Upgrades

    Thinking of renovating your old bathroom in St Peters or surrounding suburbs? Abbey Plumbing has the experience and expertise to transform your bathroom into something truly splendid. New shower fittings, vanity basins, toilets, baths and fixtures are their speciality. Call Abbey Plumbing today to discuss your plumbing needs; it pays to talk to the professionals.

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