• Real Estate Magill

    Searching for a competent real estate agent in Magill 5072? Are you buying or selling a property in this eastern Adelaide suburb? Turn to Korn! Korn Real Estate are the trusted professionals in real estate and property management. Korn Wang and his team are doing great things in this part of town. Sales volumes are up and purchase prices achieved for vendors are also up. Korn Real Estate have a long list of prospective buyers, and they have built their success on referrals and repeat business.

  • Property Management Magill

    More and more properties in Magill are being snapped up courtesy of the rental investment market. There is money to be made in Magill for those investing in property. If you need professional help with rental property management, Senior Property Manager, Ian Wang, is your man. Korn Real Estate has a number of rental properties under its astute management and are always on the lookout for more. They have a very successful system which has been delivering excellent results for many years. Don’t get burnt by bad tenants, get professional property management help!

  • Real Estate Agents

    A good real estate agent matters, more now, than ever before. As the market becomes more competitive in leaner times, you need an agent with local expertise and the experience to last the distance. Asian investment levels in Australian property are running at record highs. Talk to Korn Real Estate about this exciting part of the property market.

  • ‘Kornering’ the Market

    In the property game they call it ‘Kornering’ the market, when you have a stronghold on a particular region or location. In Magill, Korn Real Estate are more popular than ‘Kornish’ pasties, but let’s turn off the ‘korn’. The facts speak for themselves, the team from Korn know this area, and they have their finger on the pulse and price points in this exclusive neighbourhood. Talk to Korn Real Estate today!

  • About Korn

    Did you know that Korn Real Estate are a South Australian family run business? Korn and Ian Wang are proud to live and work in Adelaide; and enjoy being part of this rich multicultural community. Korn Real Estate is committed to maximum returns on properties and high sales volumes. They measure their success by customer satisfaction in property management and in real estate sales. Korn Real Estate only employ highly motivated and hard working property agents in Magill. The fact that they are also attractive and charming people is, merely, a bonus. Talk to a Korn agent today about your Magill house or apartment.

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