• Christie Downs Bathroom Renovations

  • Amazing designs by an amazing team

    Thinking of tackling the task of a bathroom renovation, but can’t quite muster up the courage. We say, don’t become bogged down with thinking about it. You can trust us to step in and take care of all your bathroom renovation needs. Fellow Adelaide dwellers and locally owned for many years, we have the best team for the job and will deliver you a bathroom renovation you can be proud to sit atop your new throne admiring your new Christie Downs bathroom. 

  • Beautiful Bathroom Renovations

    No more looking at stained grout, cloudy tiles, chipped edges or corroded tapware. Your new bathroom is going to glisten even when it is not wet. Regardless of the size or complexity of your bathroom renovation, we have the know-how and tradespeople to take it on. Let our skilled supervisory team take the stress out of your new bathroom from the time we meet to discuss your requirements through to presentation of your finished room. we have have extensive plumbing experience and want it to be understood that our experience will benefit you in the layout and design of your bathroom as well as provide savings in time and costs. Our promise is to deliver a bathroom rejuvenated to your utmost satisfaction.

  • Pleasing Pricing

    Whether your job size is small or large, whether your bathroom is being fully or partially renovated, whether you are inclined for modern or traditional, we assure you our prices will be competitive. We can assure you of this because across the company that is us, we can manage to undertake all the required trades in house and therefore, keep prices low. This also ensures the renovation will be done in a timely manner given that we can micro manage each step to fit into the preceeding and subsequent steps. We have the ability to keep our people working with numerous jobs and this means savings of time and costs can be passed on to you.

  • Free and Friendly, No Obligation Quotes

    We are passionate about producing results that please, beginning with the first contact through to the final bathroom delivery. We are so confident that our pricing will be highly competitive and without equal, that we invite you to obtain our free, no obligation quote.