• Painters and Decorators Murray Bridge

    A good quality house painter can often be hard to find. It is important to get an industry professional with a wealth of experience behind them. At Murray Bridge Painters and Decorators, we have years of experience servicing the local community. Our team will never take any shortcuts when doing the base preparation, cutting in, or with the amount of coats we put on. We use only the best quality paints to ensure superior coverage every single time we do our painting and decorating work. Please contact us on the number provided for a first class paint finish on your home.

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  • Painting Contractors Murray Bridge 5253

    Trust our experienced team to remove old flaking paint, take our time to do the necessary base preparation, and finish your job with high quality paint. We make sure to always use several coats of the highest quality paint for the best coverage, and pride ourselves on the finish lasting a long time. We can do intricate work, spray painting, paint stripping, and wallpapering. So whatever you need done, our team are the expert painters who can help.

  • How do I choose a quality Painter?

    When choosing a quality painter it is important to look at recommendations, past work, and to talk to the actual contractor who will be doing the work. In our business you speak directly to the painter and decorator, not a sales rep. This means we can accurately assess how much base preparation we need, and how difficult the metres to be painted are.
    We have a keen eye for detail and are experienced enough to foresee any potential problems. Upon quoting a job we would be more than happy to discuss how we would conduct our house painting work.

  • What tasks does a Painter perform?

    Our painters and decorators provide all house painting work. Below are a list of our services:
    -Painting and Decorating
    -Painters Murray Bridge
    -Paint New houses
    -Base Preparation
    -Spray Painting
    -Renovation Work
    -Paint Stripping / Paint removal
    -Remove Flaking Paint
    -Gutter and Eave Repainting
    -Feature Walls