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  • Bedding Parafield Gardens

    Are you looking for a brand new bed in Parafield? For all your bedding needs, including mattresses and furniture, look no further than Bed e Buys. We not only sell, but we make beds and furniture, that’s right, we make the beds we sell; so we stand by them (so that you can lie down on them). Quality timber construction beds and furniture, which look great, last a lifetime and are exclusive to our store. For the best beds in Adelaide, make your way to Bed e Buys near the Parafield Airport.

  • Time for Bed e Buys

    We all remember those words, often, uttered by mum and dad; two people we owe our lives to. Beds and a good night sleep are essential parts of the puzzle we call ‘good living’; and at Bed e Buys we design our beds for this very purpose. Strong silent beds built tough like Australian men; hard working and enduring structures which will never let you down. Relax into a Bed e Buys bed and sleep the sleep of the innocent.

  • Solidly Constructed Beds and Furniture

    When you are looking for a good night’s sleep in Parafield, and surrounding suburbs, choose the bed and mattress guaranteed to deliver more snores and snuffles. Bed e Buys builds beds with a metal centre support rail, which can stand up to the rigours of trampolining kids and whatever else you can throw at this bed. The slats themselves are rebated into the bolster on the side rails, so they don’t move around and slip, like they do in poorly designed beds. Our timber frames are solid like our Aussie values. The head and foot of the bed are secured to the side rails using the MAXI-LOCK bracket system – this is the best fastening system in the bed frame business. No squeaks and a bed made to last!

  • Try Before You Buy

    We invite you to come and visit our Parafield Bed e Buys store and try before you buy. Lie down and spend a bit of horizontal time in a selection of our beautiful beds; experience the blissful difference. Bed e Buys will never be the same again, it will be deeper and longer; a whole new level of sleep.

  • Why Put Up With Second Best for Mattresses and Beds?

    We all work hard and play in South Australia, so when it comes time for some kip we want instant relief. Sink into a Bed e Buys bed and snooze contentedly in blissful peace. A great mattress and the support of superior craftsmanship and furniture design. Why put up with second best when you can purchase a Bed e Buys at a very competitive price? Come in and see our huge range today!

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