• Swimming Pool Maintenance in Marion

  • Swimming Pool Maintenance MarionĀ 

    Pool cleaning, fixing green pools, replacing or repairing pool equipment – if it’s got to do with your pool, we can do it. We’re not far away from Marion SA 5043, so book in a time for us to come to your home. Fill out the contact form or call us on 0418 111 182. Don’t go a day without using your pool this summer. We can repair or replace pumps, filters, chlorinators, solar heating systems, pool blankets, rollers, and more. 

  • Commercial pool services

    Got a pool at your business? Maybe you own a set of offices with a rooftop pool. Whatever your situation, we have commercial servicing procedures to make sure your pool is running efficiently and not costing you more than it should. Our swimming pool cleaning and maintenance programs are tailored to you, to meet health and safety regulations, budget, and service scheduling. We can service pools for investment properties, apartment complexes, hotels and resorts, backpacker accommodation, and gyms and sporting facilities.

    Our regular pool service includes:

    • A comprehensive water chemistry test
    • Appropriate adjustment of the chemical balance
    • Skim the surface for debris
    • Brush the steps, walls, and floor
    • Vacuum to capture fine debris
    • Brush the tiles band around the pool
    • Backwash the system (where necessary)
    • Inspect equipment and check the timers
    • Empty and clean the skimmer box and pump baskets.

    We’ll work out the most appropriate pool cleaning maintenance plan for your individual needs. 

  • About Poolsmart

    We have over 10 years experience helping homeowners and businesses to keep their pools safe and healthy to swim in. At Poolsmart, we can help you with all areas of pool and spas, including maintenance, construction, renovation, and equipment installation. Using premium brands of parts and fittings, you get the most out of your pool, your investment. If you have a beautiful pool but the surrounding area needs improving, talk to us about your renovation plans. We’re affordable, reliable, and professional. Our customers tell us that we always go that extra mile. 

  • Remove algae in my pool

    One of the great things about having us keep your pool maintained is that we avoid algae. The best way to stop algae from growing is to not give it the optimal environment. Regular brushing and keeping a consistent chemical balance is the best way to do this.

    Let’s book in a day to come out to your Marion home. Contact us today on 0418 111 182.