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    In the market for a home loan for a property in Nailsworth? Sam Walker is your mortgage broker. Since 1988, Sam has worked within the Adelaide real estate industry helping clients purchase property. As part of Aussie Home Loans, he has sourced the most competitive finance products available in the market. Sam Walker looks after first home buyers, investors, and the full gamut of financial services. He is MFAA certified and is accredited with all the major banks and financial institutions. Aussie Home Loans were the winners of the Top Mortgage Broker Award 2013-2015 from The Adviser.

  • First Home Buyers, Need a Mortgage Broker on Your Side?

    If you are a first home buyer in Nailsworth, talk to Sam Walker about your options. Understanding the complexity of the numerous financial products available to first home buyers can save you money. Pre-Approval is on the lips of many first time buyers in the property market. Getting pre-approved for a home loan can give you a clear advantage when it comes to securing the house or apartment of your dreams. Having the finance sorted out, means that you are less likely to get gazumped. A family guarantor can make things a lot easier when you are a first home buyer or just seeking a home loan.

  • Investment Loans - Construction Finance

    As an investor, you want the most comprehensive comparative list of financial products to choose from. Sam can walk you through a selection of investment loans from major banks to other reputable lenders. Providing you with a personalised service tailored to your specific requirements. Compare hundreds of loans in minutes and target the right investment lending for you in Nailsworth and surrounding suburbs.

  • Refinancing & Equity Release

    They say that knowledge is power; and when it comes to finance it is absolutely essential. Sam Walker knows the business inside and out, when it comes to refinancing your home. With a Diploma in Financial Services, he has trained in the very latest information, as well as having nearly three decades of direct experience helping South Australians refinance their mortgages. Equity release might be the solution that you have been searching for, in your particular situation.

  • Debt Consolidation with Sam Walker

    Sam Walker thinks that it is the convenience and uncomplicated nature of debt consolidation that has made it increasingly popular with Adelaide residents. Taking all those credit cards and other debts and rolling them into One Personal Loan with one regular payment simplifies the situation. Clients know that they are finally reducing their debts, every time they make a payment. The black hole is filled with a solution and they can begin to get on with their lives.