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    If you live in Victor Harbour, you’re a lucky duck. What a great place to live! And although you’re not far from the beach, there’s nothing quite like having your own pool. Walking out into your backyard and jumping into your swimming pool. Talk about luxury… Talk to the team at Statewide, to discuss your pool design dream. We can bring it to life.

    Benefits of a composite Fibreglass pool

    There are many reasons why we custom create our own composite Fibreglass pools. Here are a few reasons.

    Low maintenance

    Fibreglass pools are easy to maintain, because of their surface porosity. The surface of a Fibreglass pool is virtually non-porous. This means it’s smooth and sleek. The rough cavities on a concrete pool surface encourage algae to hide, making cleaning harder. More chemicals are needed to keep them in a healthy state. This makes Fibreglass pools a great choice if you don’t have a lot of spare time to dedicate to cleaning.


    Fibreglass pools have no lining, which means you don’t have to worry about puncturing the surface. No need to worry about tree branches or your dogs affecting your Fibreglass pool. They’re super strong and durable, so no damage will occur.

    Attractive look

    Due to latest advancements in the industry, such as new coloured finishes, ceramic tiles, pool lights and water features, Fibreglass is one of the most attractive materials out there. Choose your colour and jazz up your pool with individually designed features.

    Compatible with salt systems

    Salt chlorinators make maintenance easy. Fibreglass pools and salt systems are the perfect pair – with no adverse effects on the Fibreglass shell. Enjoy the benefits of low maintenance, without having to worry that the salt is compromising your pool.

    Why choose Statewide Pools?

    The Statewide Pool range is designed and manufactured in South Australia, using only the best quality products. Our pools are well priced, which means you have more money in your pocket for fun things, like pool accessories!

    Things like:

    • Pumps and filters
    • Underwater lights and transformers
    • Solar heating and blankets
    • Pool slides
    • Coping pavers
    • Spa jets
    • Light globes
    • Pool toys
    • Pipe fillings
    • Pool cleaning equipment.

    For over these two decades, our vision has remained the same… to ensure our client’s are happy with their new pool. Our dedication to quality control throughout the entire process, design to construction, is how we achieve this.