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  • Building Inspections in Moana

  • Do you require a building inspection for a property in Moana, SA 5169? A2Z Building Inspections are 20-year trade veterans; and fully trained by the Master Builders Association. This family owned, proud South Australian business provides a seven-day service. They can help you with Pre Purchase Home and Property Inspections, Pre and Post Lease Inspections, Rental Property Inspections, Pre Auction Inspections, Pre Sale Inspections, and New Build Final Inspections. A2Z Building Inspections guarantee a same day, comprehensive report with accompanying photographic evidence. This includes a detailed consultation with the client onsite, and professional advice at no extra charge. These inspections are competitively priced; and for the small charge involved are worth their weight in gold. Avoiding long term costly repairs on your new home, incurred because you were unaware of the underlying problems- can save you thousands. Call 0401 953 057, or please fill in the Direct Contact Form.

  • Pre Purchase Inspections

    Buying a house or property can, at times, feel overwhelming – for many this is the biggest single investment of their lives. A2Z Building Inspections can reduce that anxiety, because the comprehensive report into your potential new home or property allows you to make an informed choice. We have all heard about the horror stories involving dodgy builders and bad buys in the property market – get professional help to check things out. A2Z Building Inspections see things that the untrained eye cannot see, their training and experience knows where to look. Their friendly and professional customer service makes this important building inspection a confidence boosting experience.

  • Property Inspections

    Your property inspection in Moana puts you in the driver’s seat, with no more doubts about the value of your potential investment. The A2Z Building Inspection report can provide you with evidence about existing cracking, brick fretting, mortar eroding, leaks, decay, rising damp, distortion, sagging, bulging, corrosion, surface drainage, stability, undulating surfaces, swelling, and defective linings – all commonly found problems detected by their inspections. Avoid inheriting structural issues that may have been cosmetically covered up or are undetected by the vendors – get informed before you sign the contract. A2Z Building Inspections provide peace of mind at relatively little cost – building inspections can save you thousands in Moana.

  • Pre Auction Inspection

    Auctions are high adrenalin and emotional situations; the bidding process can encourage purchasers to go beyond their bottom lines. A2Z Building Inspections can do your homework for you – to see exactly what this new home or property is really worth. They can inspect the property prior to the auction to give you the green light, or advise you to save your money for a better property.