• Carpet Cleaning in Grange

  • Grange beach is as pretty as a picture, but does the picture match the inside and outside of your home or office?  We will make sure it does with our extensive range of thorough cleaning services. We’re Grange’s Swiss army knife of cleaning, adept in all types of interior, exterior, commercial and residential grime busting, and we have 20 years of know-how behind us to get the job done right. We will steam clean your carpets and upholstery, sanitize your mattresses, clean and seal your tiles and grout, scrub your walls, floors, and metal surfaces, and even touch up your entire house for that End of Lease inspection. So why not call us today for a FREE quote? Our state-of-the-art machinery, Australian made chemicals, and expert cleaners and technicians are sure to give you a DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE EVERY TIME. 


    Grange is known for its wonderful Shiraz, but what happens when some of that local wine spills on your new carpet? If you love your carpet as much as we love carpets, you’ll call us. We’re the experts in making cleaning magic – we make wine stains disappear, and our cleaners will make your carpet as good as new. Using only the best machinery, and most eco-friendly chemicals, we will bring the stains and dirt out of hiding, and return the carpet to you just as fresh as you bought it!


    Every ending may be a new beginning, but that doesn’t make the time near the end of your lease any less daunting. You might be unsure where you might be going next, or whether your lease is renewed. You have so much to think about, and the last worry you need is cleaning your house. We relieve you of all that pressure with our patented End of Lease cleaning solutions! We will happily polish, scrub, and sanitize your house from end to end, clean carpets, de-scale tiles, and leave your property sparkling and clean.


    Dirt, grime and mould; we’ve steam cleaned them out of your carpets, but where else are they lurking? Chances are they’re still deep in your upholstery forming bacteria and possibly affecting your health. Don’t worry, though. Because it just so happens that we’re experts in upholstery cleaning as well. We exorcise the demons of your chairs and fabrics with our cutting-edge machinery, and eco-friendly, Australian cleaning products. Keep your home or office up to code by having your upholstery done with every second carpet clean. 


    It’s not what is lurking under your bed that should give you nightmares, but what is lurking inside. Years of dead skin cells, dust mite excrement, stains and mould are potentially gathering in your mattress, plotting against your health and hygiene. Don’t give them the upper hand! Call us today for a full cleaning and sanitizing of your mattress. Our mattress cleaning service is quick and effective, which should assure you that there will be no more restless nights.


    Dirt and grime can also get trapped in the pores of your tiles and deep in your grout, causing discoloration and staining. Traditional cleaning methods, such as mopping, can often make the problem worse by soaking stains deeper into the grout, making it incredibly hard to get the stains out. But you can trust that we have a solution for you. We will clean and strip your tiles, then seal your tiles with premium sealing products to eradicate stubborn stains and dirt, and ensure your tiling and grout remain stainless in the future!