• Roof restoration Christies Beach

    Christies Beach has a lot of older homes. Not only this, but it’s a suburb by the beach which means homes have to battle with sea air. This is why we spend a lot of our time there restoring roofs. We help residents prolong the life of their roofs, by keeping them well maintained.

    Talk to us if you live in Christies Beach 5165 or surrounding suburbs.

  • About Star Rating Solutions

    We suggest that you have a professional roofing team fully inspect your roof every 10 years. This helps avoid any major problems down the track – and to keep it looking great.

    At Star Rating Solutions, we’ve been repairing and restoring roofs for 25 years. We can work on any type of roof, on any type of house. Whether you have a terracotta, cement, slate, tin or metal roof, we can help you.

    Get in touch with us today by calling 1300 806 908 or emailing us using the contact form.

  • Why do roof leaks occur?

    It rains a lot in Adelaide. And during those days, roofs are prone to leaking. So why do roofs actually leak? Here are a few reasons.

    • Weak roof materials

    Like everything in our homes, our roof materials begin to weaken over time. And extreme weather can wreak havoc on them, forcing them to break and crack – causing leaks.

    • Rust on the roof

    As rust develops, holes start to form, which encourages leaking.

    • Rusty valleys

    And the roof valley is a key area that’s prone to rusting. It’s the point where the house slopes. It blocks, and starts to leak – especially if it’s not properly sealed.

    • Damaged flashings

    Flashings, which are the metal pieces under the roofing shingles and roof to seal it, weaken over time. This causes the leak.

  • How Long Do Roofs Last?

    This is hard to answer, so it’s best to get an expert to come out and inspect yours. It depends on the material of your roof and how it was originally installed.

    But as a general rule, a normal roof usually lasts between 15 to 25 years. If you have a roof made of slate or concrete, it will last longer – up to 50 years. The older the house, the more chance it is that it needs to be restored.

    We’re offering free quotes, so get in touch with us and we can give you an update on the state of your roof.


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