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    Run a business in Lonsdale? Did you know that it’s against the law not to test and tag your fire equipment? All businesses must have their own electrical safety program, and testing and tagging will top the list. So, whether you’re only using a few electrical appliances, or dozens, call Bee Safe Test & Tag.

    How often does my electrical equipment need to be checked?

    The intervals in between inspecting equipment really depend on the business and the industry you operate in. For example, for construction work, it’s recommended all electrical devices are tested every three months. Whereas, with office work, every five years will suffice.

    Only someone that’s been certified can check electrical equipment. In fact, it’s actually an offence (under the Electrical Safety Act 2002) to fix electrical equipment unless you’ve got an electrical work license. This is because you need specific knowledge, skills and training. By working with Bee Safe, you won’t need to worry about a thing. We do it all. This means you can go about running your business – without the hassle of making sure your equipment is safe.

    Safe use of appliances and tools

    Checking the health and safety of your appliances is imperative. Things like broken parts and damaged cords can affect their level of operation – and pose a risk to everyone close by.

    But it’s important to always get your appliances checked and repaired by a qualified electrician – one with an Electrical Safety Certificate. By making testing and tagging a regular part of your business, you’ll ensure the safety of every single person using the electrical equipment. It’s cost effective and a great way to reduce safety issues in the workplace. Plus, your business won’t be out of action, waiting for equipment to be repaired once it’s broken down. We catch these faults before they impact your business operation.

    About Bee Safe Test & Tag

    At Bee Safe Test & Tag, we take care of all of your electrical inspections. We test and tag your equipment, safety switches, fire extinguishers, and more. Don’t put yourself and anyone else at risk – let the team at Bee Safe manage your electrical equipment.

    Just call 0415 837 833, and we’ll be out at your business in Lonsdale as soon as we can. We’ve been operating in Adelaide’s south, where there are lots of industrial businesses – and we can help you too.