• Roof restoration Aldinga Beach

    We are Aldinga Beach’s roof restoration experts. With our ever-changing weather conditions, especially in Aldinga Beach, the roofing industry has become extremely advanced. And so is our company, Star Rating Solutions. We restore roofs that can combat any type of weather.

  • Update the look of your home, by restoring your roof

    Cracked or broken tiles are something that naturally happens over time. And it has a huge affect on the look of your home. When you see it occurring, it’s time to act. In fact, it’s important to keep your roof well maintained, to slow down the ageing process. Restoring your roof will prevent costly repairs down the track – and get your home exterior looking fantastic. 

  • About Star Rating Solutions

    If you’re looking for a roof repair company in Aldinga Beach, you can’t go past our expert team. We know the area well, which means we know the roof requirements that come with living by the sea.

    We guarantee our excellence. You can see this in our leading edge technologies and our products. A roof restoration with us means you’ll get a roof that performs well and costs less. By investing in us, you’re investing in your home’s future. We are members of the Master Builders Association – which is a point of difference.

  • Leave Roof Cleaning to Experts

    It’s best to leave roof cleaning and repairs to an expert – whether it’s a home roof or a commercial roof. Experts know what they’re doing, and they know how to do it efficiently. Safety is obviously a huge concern too – so it’s best to keep the ladder in the shed where it belongs.

    <h2>Colorbond Roofing</h2>

    One of our products that are made for South Australian conditions is the True Oak Mid Roofing solution.

    Here’s why we use it.

    • It highlights different facets from different angles
    • It’s 50% wider and 100% stronger, than standard miniature corrugated
    • It’s available in Colourbond steel and heritage galvanised
    • There’s no sagging or gaping
    • It’s twice the area for fixings than standard corrugated sheets
    • It’s a 100% BlueScope Steel product

    We are constantly updating our technologies and products to match the needs of the roofing market.

    Are you ready to take your roof to the next level? Call us on 1300 806 908 or email us using the contact form below Feel free to ask us a question if you’re just starting to think about a roof restoration.


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