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  • Mobile Auto Electrical in Regency Park

  • Mobile Auto Electrical

    We specialise in auto electrical for cars, boats, motorbikes and caravans. All of our repairs are conducted on-site, which means you can continue with your day – no hassle. Whether you need help fitting your new audio system, re-gassing your air conditioner, fitting accessories or servicing your vehicle, we’re do it all for you. We’ve been doing this for nearly 15 years and we’re here to stay. Why? Because we’re the best – our price, customer service and workmanship. Call us today if you need an auto electrician in Regency Park.

    Battery replacement

    Flat battery? Don’t stress. We provide car, truck, bus and 4x4 battery replacement, on demand. You don’t need anything from us. All we need is the your address and we’ll be out to you as soon as possible. We supply and install batteries from our quality range – the leading brands in the business.

    Call on our technicians for our full battery service, including 

    • Testing existing battery
    • Testing your vehicles charging system
    • Saving your vehicles memory
    • Installation of new battery if required, or jump start
    • Environmentally friendly battery disposal

    Now you never have to worry about getting your vehicle to the auto repair shop when the battery fails.

    About PK Mobile Auto Electrical

    We pride ourselves on making vehicle repairs and maintenance easy for you. We all rely on our transport to get around and we believe no one should have to go without their car for a day. Our mobile service vans carry a range of parts, batteries and components, to ensure we can provide immediate services. We can help with:

    • In-car radio and audio installations
    • Hands-free solutions
    • Battery and accessory fitting
    • Automotive air conditioning
    • Rewiring
    • Starter motors and alternators
    • Reverse camera kits, parking sensors, and cruise control – sales and installations
    • Engine cooling fans
    • EFI and ECU repairs and servicing
    • Heater issues
    • Dashboard warning and light diagnosis
    • ECU failure and common diesel problems
    • ABS and EPS diagnosis and repairs
    • Car batteries and car alarms
    • Parking sensors
    • Car immobilisers
    • Lights- front, rear, sides and inside.

    Although most of our work is completed from our mobile vans, we also have full workshop facilities at our modern premises in William Street, Beverley. We use this space for major repairs that take more time. Get in touch with us today, for anything auto electrical or mechanical related.